It's your good ole buddy and pal Norian here... yes, I've gone exclusively to using limited weapons for the time being!

Therefore, I'm throwing the challenge out there mainly to the crafting community (and hunters too) - sell me Low MU / High-Level Limited Ranged Weapons!

Now, for my weapons of interest...

Anything from the ArMatrix series level -65 and above
MU 117% and below (yes that's the best price I can get atm)
I will buy in bulk - 5 to 10 weapons at a time is no problem
Longer ranged is preferred over pistol - will pay a little more for a rifle/carbine
I can use LR and LP up to level 100 and BC and BP up to level 90

I'm mainly interested in the higher level laser L weapons
Here are some examples that have good bang for the buck for me: A&P Series Mayhem LP-100 Modified, MacMahon Instant Karma, Omegaton M91 Stalker, Omegaton M87 Prowler, MacMahon Redeemer, EWE LC-500 Fury, EWE LC-625 Gleamer, RIP M770, Rip M6600, etc...
I can usually pick these up on AH for ~105% so price accordingly

Contact me anytime, anywhere.

Norian Norian Xx