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    Quote Originally Posted by @Leland View Post
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    It would be nice to ensure each planet has a shop area.
    This is another place where there is plenty of room for improvement. Shops need visibility, and in a MMO game, that visibility comes first from being located where new players see them early, and situated in ways that make access easy and convenient. It also needs to be easy to clearly indicate what sort of merchandise a shop is stocked with, without requiring interested passersby to jump through too many hoops. At this time the only place I know of that meets those criteria is the Quarry on Arkadia. The old Bank in Port Atlantis also has potential, but needs two improvements to really qualify:
    - Outdoor ledges to place shopkeepers, shelves etc on
    - Port Atlantis keeps getting farther and farther from the natural stream of play for new players
    My suggestion is to create ledges all around the walls of the Bank and divide those ledges into small sections ownable by many different vendors. Routing is a tougher issue because Port Atlantis' missions make a bit of a tangled maze, but it's our Capitol and we love it so imo the best answer there is let it be. CDF Outpost Charlie nearly fills that gap on its own, although South Swamp Camp could see major improvement (its missions are too grindy for many new players - not many of us enjoy picking all those cherries).
    .... just one man's opinion

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    when will we see new ships and upgrades to space its self to bring it up to speed with other space themed MMOs. EU lags far behind in the abilities for players to navigate space, skills to use certain spacecraft, space mining, player controlled warp gates etc etc
    Their technical debt is so very high and management is so messed up, that trying keeping up with recent trends on space MMOs will cost them their fortune. That's why development is very slow, and when the feature gets out, it's still years behind other space MMOs (in addition to bugs, etc.). Imo, their aim is to not compete with other MMOs, but just to get by with EU as long as it brings profit to them. How many mayhems do we have each year?

    They don't communicate often because if they give sneak peaks of future development, the market is going to be greatly affected. You can see that these days, they only respond to bug reports. Obviously, their close buddies get to know first before the masses to capitalize on that

    • They will revamp taming and pets in the next VU? Price of pets, nutrios, whips, and related stuff will soar up.
    • New shops/apartments/spaceships? the reseller/investor groups are already standing by (in addition to big amount of liquidation)

    Their AMA was very very tame and controlled (I wouldn't call that AMA). All responses regarding future development were given robotic responses without anymore follow-ups

    Dead planets - Toulan, Next Island what is the plan? Rocktropia and Cyrene...what is the plan?
    MA would probably tell you to just ask the planet partners. Hell if MA look like they fucking care

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    I want a working economy first,not this 80% of stuff with max 103% mu due to lack of demand..and that brings me to the fix the crafting part.Most of the BP's are so useless that ofc the maths for them have no my.
    Please hire an economist for 1 year to sort out this mess of an economy....

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    They'll never have a smooth running economy until they properly balance the loots etc.. For example when im on rt hunting/crafting I expect to see at least 90% rt loots and rt bp's dropping cuz maybe I live there.. NOT.. 90% caly loots and bp's we could care less about there and need to bring back to caly to get rid of.

    and yes they need to get rid of the logouts... logout to bypass ingame mechanics,time and fuel costs to get to destination is an exploit and should be bannable IMO like every other exploit..

    Also safe logout make ship upgrades pointless really and skilling.. When any nub can grab a ship and operate as effectively(with logout inconvienience of course) as a pro that's been skilling and ship upgrading for years, theres an issue.

    That's the case I wanna instantly buy a gun and be messi!!! lets do this!

    ** To add to my 1st comment the loot balancing I suggested would not only allow PP's to actually function but create the reverse demand... demand for caly mats. caly mats would be rarer there and create a need for them on RT and possible orders over auction with shipping charges etc.

    What we have right now is an overabundance of caly sht on RT with nowhere to put it but TT and cant for the life of you get enough RT mats.

    *** I should NEVER ever be hunting on RT and have any sort of need at all to goto caly because of it.
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    This has always been the most naive and gullible community ever. I bet all my PED card nothing of this will be introduced in 2020 nor in 2021. Instead of that they will find a way to sell you another batch of "tokens", "deeds" or give any other "investment opportunity" at the same time ruining the economy with EPIV and UL items.

    Stockholm syndrome anyone?

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