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    A&P Mayhem LR-20 Adjusted + A105 adjusted


    As the halloween event is over, i dont need my LR-20 anymore, and the A105 adjusted amp for it.

    Tier 5.9 so good for mayhem CAT01 and with the 70% (74+ with amp) efficiency, its good for daily hunting too.

    The weapon is for sale as a separate item, or together with the AMP.
    AMP is NOT for sale as separate item, only together with the weapon.

    T5.9 ready to tier up - LR-20 adjusted 9250p including tt
    together with the amp 10k ped including tt of weapon and amp.
    fully repaired both ofc.

    tier up cost around 330p

    item's im interested to lower the ped price:

    A105 hyper
    Lacerating 5 TEN with or without NeoP 5 amp
    Ares augm
    Last edited by Hego Damask; 11-14-2019 at 15:48. Reason: removed item of interest, added tier up cost

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    ready to tier up to T6

    daily bump

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    daily bump, upgrade cost to t6 around 330p

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    daily bump

    is there a t6 exist already, or will be a tier hof?

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