Hey, I've just been noticing a few bugs on the site for quite some time now and wasn't sure if these had been brought to your attention and/or are being worked on.

1. The mining and crafting hof boards have been empty for a long time. Any chance of getting those working again?
2. For some reason the Neomex mob page crashes the server. When you try to get details for this mob it just brings up an error page. Not sure if there are others causing this error or not.
3. There seems to be some issue with the ranks for hunting/mining crafting. In my profile it's showing my hunting rank as N/A when I've had 50 globals in the last week alone. My mining is showing a rank of 419 when I haven't globalled in nearly 2 months in mining and my crafting is showing a rank of 171 even though I haven't crafted in over a month and a half. It's almost like it's using the previous months global data to determine rank rather than the previous 30 days.