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    Leases on Mayhem Category 3, 4, 6, and 7 Winning Weapons

    Category 3: Isis LR-53 Modified, Tier 9

    If you are looking to win category 3 in Mayhem, there is little doubt this is the weapon to choose.
    Fully enhanced with the right buffs you can drop most mobs before they reach you, enabling you to complete the Annihilation grind in full Earth Shock Trooper with minimal decay.

    Event Rental rate: 250 PED/day
    Collateral: 12,500 PED

    Category 4: Lacerating Attack Nanochip 11, Tier 8

    Summer Mayhem brought with it new buffs on boss mobs which gave an advantage to melee and mindforce users in their defense modes, which is likely to be repeated in Merry Mayhem. The high DPS combined with the potential buffed advantage of MindForce use makes this the obvious choice for both Annihilation as well as Defense.

    Event Rental Rate: 250 PED/day
    Collateral: 10,000 PED

    Category 6 & 7: Omegaton M83 Predator, Tier 8

    The M83 Predator has been the King contender of category 7, and often used with great success even in categories 8 and 9, and a savvy skill chipper can even squeeze it into category 6. The combination of excellent range and DPS paired with a perfect fitting for Mayhem Delta (L) amps results in minimal healing required (less downtime means more actual DPS down range) and often enabling the shooter to use Earth Shock Trooper with little to no decay.

    Event Rental Rate: 300 PED/day
    Collateral: 25,000 PED


    If you need skills for using any of these weapons just bring me ESIs and I would be happy to load you up with Cryogenics, Aim, Marksmanship, and Wounding. Any markup you pay for these skills will be deducted from your rental rate.

    Fine Print:
    1. Rental will be given at a first come first serve basis with priority given to longer leases.
    2. Administration of rental equipment may be outsourced to a third party manager.
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