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My support case from 2005 states you can
That was 2005.. This.. is 2019.. where have you been hiding these last 14 years? under a rock?

Let's be honest here.. is is possible for a person to create 1 account yes.. you can create your own avatar... Now if this is a family and they can prove that they are willing to do it (and can provide said proof with ID's and i mean Picture ID's with al the data included to verify this.. with unique seperate email addresses and even if possible using separate IP addresses then I would say yes too. But then once you get tho this point, things get to get a little blurred and in fact this is where people start to "Cross the line" so to speak.

Some folks DO and have Multiple accounts in game. it's a known fact.. I know of some gamers in EU who have created 2, 3 and sometimes as many as 6 accounts .. but they all belong to the same IP Address, and in fact even though the names on the avatars are differnt they still all reside at the same address and in fact they are in fact the same person..

(Heck I know of one scammer back in 2012 who made 14 accounts (yes you heard me 14 accounts!) in order to either rob or steal user ID's and Passwords. and this is where things like 2 Factor Identificaiton has to be put in to place.. After all you are dealing with real cash here, and in fact that's the point here.. It's a real cash economy game that is skill based and even your skills are wroth money..

But the point is, should you make a multiple account just for yourself? No.. Becaause of all the ramifications previous posters have pointed out.. Now if this is a family that games together and all of them are over the age of 13, (and have parents permission if they are between the ages of 13 and 18) So anyone under 13 really isn't allowed in this game.. if you and all your family members are over the age of 18, then just provide proof to mind ark (in the form of a letter and or support cases in order to prove that all of these people are going to abide by the rules of the EULA (End User License agreement and the ToS (Terms of Service. and read the rules when you start up the game when you do, and if you click, "I Accept" then you are locked into those rules set down by Mindark (or as we call them, MA) .

The thing is when you do accept those terms then you are legally responsible fo ryour own avatar ond No one else.. the logic behind the One Avatar Per person rule is simnple.. and it' involves reputation.. and inn fct it's your reputation as a player to play fair and legit in order to make a name in this game..

and also ask yourself this..

1. Are you in it for the skills or the money? The skills would be a lmore appropriate choice tan the money as this is a skill based game. the money really doesn't matter as if you decide to play this game it's along the lines of a "Play to Advance" (and not Play to win as there is no end game) But if you are just looking for a quick buck? My advice is.. don't even bother, you'll be sorely disappointed and end up quitting when you can't even make a red cent..

2. Are you in it for the long term or the short term? This is perhaps the most important question and it does relate to tquestion 1.. if you are looking for just quick money and want it NOW then sad to say you are not going to be happy with the answer I'm going to say.. cause if you think you are going to become a millionair or a rich person over night, then you'll be the one who will be disappointed.. me? I tend to hang around long term and I've been around the block for over a decasde.. that says about how long I have been in this game.. though I will take breaks from time to time but I do keep my account active..

3. Are you social or anti-social? Next to 1 and 2, this question is Very improtant.. are you a scoial creature or a non social or anti-social one.. This game is about making connections and about making friends, and being able to tslk to them.. if You are anti-social , then please just stay out.. epeople who are antiosocial won't be able to help others and thus will defeat your own purposes?

4. Are you patient or Impatient.? This goes back to questions 1 and 2 and in fact the logic here is exactly the same.. if you are impatient nothing will get done, if you are patient,a nd are social (See above) you can make friendships and thus keep your ped card happy..

5. Are you "Economically Street Smart." Remember this is a Game sconomy that is not run by MA but by people in genre al.. Players that are often too greedy don't realize tha tthey are actually not helping either the other players or themselves and in fact those are the players who end up not selling their stuff on the market place.. People who crash markets are even worse as they then later on lose sales rather than make them because they priced a market too cheap.. Be realistic (and this goes out to all those traders out there..) if you are making it up too high, odds are you will not get a sale..


6, Are you a lone wolf? or are you a team player?
Now it's not bad to go lone wolf sometimes.. sometimes you don't nee d folks bugging you.. but someitmes you too have to be a team player and work with others (this goes back again to rule 3) being a team player and helping out your friends or yoru guild/society mates are a plus.. and if everyone is playing fair then you will be fully rewarded with the one thing this world lacks today, and that is of course fun..

The bottom line.. take what everyone has said to heart. Listen to and read everything ask questions (As my late mother said, there are no stupid questions, on the ones not asked are the stupid ones!)
and do research. If you need help, seek a mentor in game and do so carefully. doing research and help you decide on what you want to do first ..
and now with the new game play with the codex missions, it makes it a bit more fun to do.. provided you can always work within your means.. Put out a budget if you decide to deposit.. get creative if you want to build a business.. Play fair.. and above all have fun.. be sociable, and above all, enjoy life take time off from time to time. Don't play if you are sick drunk or tired.. those will cost you if you make too many bad mistakes..

That's basically it in a nut shell.. and hopefully if you have read all this then maybe just maybe you can enjoy this game.. I fyou fail to read all of this, well then expect not so happy results..

Anyway welcome to the forums.. we hope to see you again...

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