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Remember old claims?

Added by De Hotte
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Old pictures vs  Remember old claims?  City View Concept Art

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Description by De Hotte

De Hotte

Comments for Remember old claims? (5)

  1. #1 Salkenex
    I miss the old Claim Rods. I still like them so much better than the current ones.
  2. #2 Irona
    oh god i hated those claims, could stand right infront of it and miss it
  3. #3 sp00ne
    aaaah memories
  4. #4 ruskea
    dunno whats point on having that unknown anymore...

    it was always a little excitement when u got a unknown with big amp...
  5. #5 XII
    Project Entropia it was a very nice and good game with a unique climate... ahhhh, I would like it to come back!

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