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    by Published on 02-24-2013 16:12
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    Crystal Palace Space Station xenobiologist Professor Walken today issued an emergency bulletin advertising the recruitment of skilled mercenaries. While details of the proposed mission were not specified in the bulletin, anonymous sources mentioned disturbing alien activity observed recently in previously sealed portions of the aging space station.

    According to the bulletin, applicants will be screened by CFA Agent Stephan Wurmsteiger to ensure combat experience against alien lifeforms, and thus will need to have completed stage four of the Aurli Iron Challenge (5000 Aurli kills).

    Considering the stringent screening requirements and urgent tone of the bulletin, veteran mercenaries are expecting mission engagement within several weeks, or even sooner.

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    The collected work of one of Genesis Star Interstellar's top material researchers has gone missing!

    Genesis Star Interstellar now offers a reward consisting of 500 PEDs worth of Pyrite Ingots to anyone who discovers any piece of the lost research.
    (The reward will be given to the avatar that gets the discovery message. The item itself and its content is kept by the avatar)

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    Each year the enormous and majestic Calypso herbivores known as Eomon migrate to their summer grazing grounds. The massive herds that result from this migration attract all manner of predators and other wildlife, including many very rare and reclusive creatures, and in turn the attention of poachers and professional hunters.

    Based on high pheromone readings collected at observation posts across Eudoria, experts from the Imperial Exobiology Institute expect the annual Eomon migration to begin around the 29th of June in the area north of Nymphtown.

    Unarmed colonists are advised to use caution when travelling through areas near the migration trail, since the normally docile Eomon have been known to become much more aggressive during migration season.
    by Published on 04-20-2012 19:32
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    Brig. General Yevgeny de Souza, Commander of CDF Ground Forces,hereby alerts all colonists that recent reports of disruptions to the teleporter network have been confirmed by CDF military engineers. The circumstances leading to the disruptions appear identical to those associated with hostile robot infiltrations experienced on Calypso in the past. Higher than usual robot activity in recent weeks also supports this indication.

    The initial breach appears to have taken place at the Ashi teleporter, where local CDF and colonist militia forces have been battling Steel Bird aerial robots for the past fortnight. Hundreds of robots are now pouring through the compromised teleporter and decimating colonist settlements in the region. The CDF urgently requests that all active members of the colonial militia report immediately to Ashi and assist in containing the situation. All other civilians are strongly encouraged to evacuate the area until the robot threat has been defeated.

    One theory being investigated by CDF Intelligence is that the robot reconnaissance forces were somehow assisted in this infiltration by the mysterious insurgents known as the Wastelanders. Colonist militia forces are authorised to use any force necessary to apprehend or eliminate any Wastelander traitors encountered.

    In hopes of preventing future infiltrations, CDF robotologists are particularly interested in obtaining robot technology for analysis, and are offering valuable rewards to colonists who can recover any of the following components from neutralised robots:

    • Exceptional Robot Optical Lens
    • Exceptional Robot Hypercharger
    • Exceptional Robot Contraction Unit
    • Rare Robot Secret Transmitter
    • Robot Power Transformer
    • Robot Speech Emulation Unit
    • Robot Nanomodulator
    • Robot Dynocyclic Relay
    • Robot Magnetomic Throttle

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    by Published on 09-16-2011 17:41
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    The Governor's office just released a statement alerting colonists to possible robot activity following the interception of signals originating from Akbal-Cimi. Although the purpose of these signals remain unclear they seem to have been directed towards Fort Medusa, Camp Echidna, Fort Pandora, and East Scylla Mountains.
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