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    by Published on 10-18-2011 16:46
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    Thread to gather knowledge of new areas.

    Please note this thread may contain spoilers.

    Rewards for mission tokens given for completing some missions here:

    Missions discovered:
    Western Island:
    Find the missing ship - Find the Military ship - given by Captain Eric Thompson in Triton Naval Station
    Go along - Go to the military base - Given by Buddy Noes in the SE docks - Reward: 1 mission token
    Hunters for hire - Kill 100 creatures on western island - given by Corporal Mac Dillon in Triton Naval Station
    The Miner - Get 20 mining finds - Given by Geologist P.B. Jay in Triton Naval Station.

    Eastern Island:
    Robot Digsite - Report to Conrad Christmas - Given when finding Robot Digsite.
    Further Investigations - Investigate Robot Digsite (destroy 50 robots) - Given by Conrad Xmas.
    Clearing the swamp - Kill 30 Gokibusagi - Given at Odysseus Landing
    Hunt Some - Kill 100 mobs in the area - Given at Camoflagued Camp 55570, 61800
    Kill the Traeskerons - Kill 100 Traeskerons - Given at Camp Poseidon
    Mining on the Island - Find 5 ore finds - Given at Odysseus Landing
    Mining Research in the Area - Find 2 Caldorite and 2 Melchi - Given at Mining Expidition
    Something Fishy - Kill 70 RipperSnappers - Given at Camoflagued Camp 51570, 63665
    The Boat Claw - Find boat parts in the water - Given at Whaling Camp
    The Radar - Find and Repair the radar in the western part of the island - Given at Camoflagued Camp 51570, 63665

    Non-mission NPC dialogue:
    Exploration Camp - Explorer Vayne Ashe: "My collegues at the other camp to the south is in greater need of help then i am."
    Reply Possible: "Ok, il go there."

    Mining Expidition - Geologist Edna Stern: "You need to help the professor first, then come back to me for an assignment."
    Reply Possible: "Understood."

    Mobs seen (and location if a certain spawn is found, else they are spread out):

    Western Island:

    Middle Island:

    Eastern Island:
    Armax Cow Old-Guardian
    Armax Bull Guardian
    Atrax Mature-Old + Alpha / Old SE of Odysseus Landing
    Berycled Dominant
    Caudatergus Mature-Provider
    Chirpy Alpha-Prowler
    Daikiba Old-Alpha / Around The Bull Pen
    Defender Generation 01-03 / Robot Digsite
    Drone Generation 01-04
    Drone Coordinator Generation 05 / Radio Tower
    Exarosaur Alpha-Stalker
    Gibnib Alpha-Stalker
    Gokibusagi Provider-Guardian / 53780, 63000 + 53000, 62750
    Igni Mature
    JamRaider Generation 01
    Legionare Generation 01 / Robot Digsite + Radio Tower
    Leviathan Guardian
    Mermoth Old-Guardian / 53280, 62225
    Molisk Gatherer
    Prancer Provider-Guardian / Swamp NE of Camp Poseidon
    RipperSnapper - By Whaling Camp
    Snarg Old / Swamp NE of Camp Poseidon
    Tantillion Guardian-OldAlpha / 54600, 62900
    Thorafoid Rogue
    Thorifoid Dreamer, Shaman, Master / 55750, 61250
    Thorio Hunter, Clan Leader / 55750, 61250
    Traeskeron Old-Guardian / Swamp NE of Camp Poseidon
    Trooper / Radio Tower
    Warrior / Radio Tower

    New Places/Areas:
    Western Island:
    Huge Pigs Head with flaming eyes that has a cave behind them (warning, you may get stuck in it!) - 37550, 60050
    Naval Station Triton - 40415, 58710
    Shipwreck - 36700, 58535 (should be mission related but does not seem to trigger the "find ship" mission when encountered? Can not be used either.)
    The Destroyed Tank - 36015, 60570
    The Oasis - 37100, 60120

    Middle Island:

    Eastern Island:
    Base Falcon - 55335, 62000
    Camoflagued Camp - 51570, 63665
    Camoflagued Camp - 55570, 61800
    Camp Poseidon - 50500, 60385
    Exploration Camp - 53000, 62300
    Fort Victoria - 55180, 60200 - Teleporter
    Mining Expidition - 53350, 60850
    Mysterious Rock
    Odysseus Landing - 54275, 64910 - Teleporter
    Outpost - 53360, 60875
    Radio Tower - 50650, 58680 (broken miner bot nearby as well)
    Robot Digsite - 50700, 64500
    The Broken Car - 54230, 60485 (non-useable NPC, part of some mission?)
    The Bull Pen - 55360, 64225 (Bugged wave spawn? No map addition, comes up each visit)
    The Heart of the Swamp - 55590, 63000 (Bugged wave spawn? No map addition, comes up each visit)
    The Spawning Pools - 54180, 60410 (Bugged wave spawn? No map addition, comes up each visit)
    Whaling Camp - 51775, 60325

    Abandoned Mining Equipment and an armed Valkyrie that does not give neither message nor map point is located at 54270, 58880. No NPC or anything is present, nothing can be "selected" or "used".
    by Published on 06-22-2011 12:03
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    The Winners Are...
    June 21st

    Space is out and we are here announcing the winners to the competitions that started June 8th.

    Congratulations to you lucky 7!

    Competition for Motherships

    Hunting Winner
    Darth Skippie Boobie killed a Proteron Young worth 41537 PED and will find the deed to the Mothership - Saratoga in the Inventory.

    Mining Winner
    Max Extreme Hunter found Melchi Water worth 84576 PED and will find the deed to the Mothership - Yamato in the Inventory.

    Crafting Winner
    Sam Diafelx Sara crafted a Rutic Bett (L) worth 83965 PED and will find the deed to the Mothership - Bismarck in the Inventory.

    Competition for Medium Fighters

    The winners will find one Medium Fighter each in their Inventory.

    Winner on Arkadia
    Tomas T79x Hope killed a Halix Young worth 1189 PED and will find the Quad Wing Interceptor - Torchbearer in the Inventory.

    Winner on Calypso
    Simones Fu Kill killed a Shinkiba Young worth 1017 PED and will find the Quad Wing Interceptor - Pioneer in the Inventory.

    Winner on ROCKtropia
    Ed Lguigui Ward killed a Rocktropian worth 71 PED and will find the Quad Wing Interceptor - Groundbreaker in the Inventory

    Winner on Next Island
    Vlad Dracula Tepes killed a Brown Papoo Old worth 1104 PED and will find the Quad Wing Interceptor - Trailblazer in the Inventory

    Motherships in Global Auction
    June 21st

    Three motherships have now been entered to the global auction. You find these auctions in the Auctions UI: in the most right column, click on the drop-down list and choose "Global Auction".

    These three motherships are docked outside the planet space stations. The coordinates can be found in the Items Info of the deeds.

    For information on how to utilize and activate a mothership, see section Utilizing New Mothership in Space in Beginner's Guide.

    Originally Posted Here
    by Published on 06-08-2011 17:48
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    June 8th

    The office is buzzing with excitement as we are getting closer and closer to the space release. With this release Entropia truly becomes the Entropia Universe with space travel between the planets and space stations for intermediate landing.

    The target date for the release is set to the 21st of June 2011. Make sure you are ready for this exciting happening!


    To celebrate this occasion MindArk will have two competitions before the release and then add interesting objects to the auction after release.

    The competitions start tonight (8th of June) at 00:00 Entropian time and end at 24:00 Entropian time on the 20th of June.

    Competition for Motherships

    The first competition will be won by the participant or participants receiving the biggest Hall of Fame entries for Hunting, Mining and Construction respectively during the competition time. If you win this, a Mothership Deed will be added to your Inventory.

    Note that the motherships are unlimited!

    Competition for Medium Fighters

    The second competition will be won by four participants, one on each planet. It is possible for an individual participant to win the competition on more than one planet. The winners have to receive the largest loot, during the competition time, from hunting the following mobs:

    Planet - Mob
    • Planet Calypso - Shinkiba Young
    • ROCKtropia - ROCKtropian
    • Next Island - Brown Papoo Young, Mature old
    • Arkadia - Halix Young

    Note that these mobs are also suitable for newly entered participants to hunt.

    If you win this, a Medium Fighter Deed will be added to your Inventory.


    On the first day after the release, three Motherships will be placed in the Entropia Universe auction on a 24-hour auction period.

    When the initial three auctions are won, one Mothership will be placed in the auction every 24th hour until MindArk deems there are an adequate number of Motherships for the current space and Entropia Universe population. There will be no prior notification that MindArk will stop releasing new Motherships to the auction.

    No limit or buyout prices will be set for these auctions.

    Note that the motherships are unlimited!

    Hangar Managers

    There will be some special treats for our current hangar managers in this space release and a subsequent release.

    Release of Space

    The space will connect all planets in one universe and you can choose to travel between them in space ships instead of using teleportation.

    Motherships, unlimited and the Titans of Space, are large spaceships with awesome firepower and transportation capabilities. You will be able to configure your ship for basic usage or adjust it into one of the most fearsome and dominating space crafts you can find today. Rule space with your ship and a crew of gunners and engineers: attack and defend, repair the ship and manage the Structural Integrity for maximum defence! Bring large groups of friends and other passengers on the ship for voyages deep into space or between planets. Let your allies find a somewhat safer harbour in space by landing a smaller space craft inside the Mothership hangar while moving.

    The first space release will include the following features:

    • Space travel and commodity transportation between the planets, space-stations, asteroids etc.
    • PVP fighting in the entire universe except in the parking zones outside the space stations.
    • A reputation system for your heroic or not so heroic deeds in space is provided.

    Mothership characteristics:

    • Engineering for various upgrades.
    • Gunner positions: 6 + 1 pilot.
    • Passenger Teleport: Planet to Mothership.
    • Passengers: Max 50 including crew.
    • Initial weapon type: Plasma cannons.
    • Revival faculties.

    Coming Releases of Space

    In the pipeline for the coming space-related releases we have warp speed to experience the thrill of space travel, more advanced engineering features. To increase protection for the motherships and its crew from opponents the number of gunner positions will be increased to 13 and 4 shield sections will be added. Also, heavy weapons, torpedos, will be added.

    - Arachne -

    When I don't harass my co-workers with yoga, I'm at the heart of things at MindArk: writing, collecting info for Release Notes, working on the web and doing other important tasks that come in my way.

    Originally Posted Here

    Discussion Thread
    by Published on 12-10-2010 22:59   
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    For the 7th year in a row, Singular hosted the Miss Calypso event, much to the enjoyment of both spectators as well as participants. The free fashion-event have always managed to collect Calypso's fashion-elite very well, and this years winner was no newcomer either.

    Dark Zunami Angel won the first Miss Calypso she ever entered. That wasn't this year. She actually won Miss Calypso 2009, and while she didn't place in last years competition, she did shine on the runway. This year she managed to take home the title again, making her the only avatar in the 7 year history of Miss Calypso to take the title twice.
    There's no doubt about it; Zunami can with pride call herself Calypso's fashion-queen. The victory haven't gotten to her head though, she's "shocked and surprised" about taking home the crown.

    Zunami have now successfully acquired two Queen's Scepter's, two Miss Calypso gowns and Two diplomas, leaving only one gown and one scepter in existence that is not in her hands!

    Runner's up were Lara Croft and AgentPink, both scoring themselves a Gungnir Helicopter as a runner-up prize.
    AgentPink are no newcomer to the fashion-elite, as she scored herself a second place in Miss Calypso 2010, then as now she stayed true to her name, effectively brightening up everyone's day. Lara Croft were therefore the newest of the top three, but having beat several veterans on the runway its a true testament of what a fashionable future this young lady is bound to have.

    Ahoy, you fashionable males out there! Do not miss the opportunity to win your own title! The the masculine equivalent of the Miss contest, the He-Man event will happen at December 16th, New Oxford catwalk (located straight south of the New Oxford teleporter) and you can sign up here. Or, if you're a girl, you can just show up and cheer on the hunks. There's that too. Have fun!
    by Published on 10-29-2010 11:06
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    Exodus space station (EBN News): A new kind of flying robot has been sighted near Billy’s Spacehip Afterworld, according to live witness reports on a radio show. The radio broadcast also indicates that there has been an attack on Port Atlantis, but this is as of this moment unconfirmed.

    EBN has not yet been able to get confirmation from Calypso Defense Forces.
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