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    by Published on 10-29-2010 10:32
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    From November 9th, a major event will be ongoing at Planet Calypso, where your choices will be crucial, since the events ultimate ending is that it will allow the players to determine its outcome. So what will you do?

    In this limited time event, which will unfold in several stages, Calypso's colonists will face a new and evolved enemy invading the landscape of Calypso. Under direction from the military, colonists will have to recon, hunt and repel a technologically advanced new nemesis. Is this relentless foe only here to hunt humans, or is it a harbinger for something far worse?

    The Harbinger Event will feature new enemies to fight, a gripping storyline complete with new missions, a new environment, and an ending determined by the players. Colonists will be able to participate and find rare and valuable new items during the event. Those who take up the Harbinger challenge will also receive a special diploma from the Calypso Defense Forces documenting their part in the largest battle for survival ever seen on this planet.
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