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  • Welcome to PlanetCalypsoForum!!

    Hello everyone and welcome to Planet Calypso Forum!

    Oh wow, huh? I know itll seem like a big change, and I bet a lot of you didnt actually believe wed ever have an official forum. But here it is!

    Going from EntropiaForum to Planet Calypso Forum wont be a very large change right off the bat. The rules are mostly the same, the staff is pretty much the same and the community... well that part is up to you! In due time well be developing the forum further, but right now well just focus on getting the forum up and running, and getting used to the new scenery. (I hope you like it!)

    Remember to read our updated rules, ToU and Privacy Policy!

    So this is the frontpage, huh? Been a while since I posted anything on a forum frontpage!
    From now on you wont have to run over to the Gateway to get the latest news on FPCs development; itll come directly to PCFs frontpage, to make things a little easier for you and us.

    So to test it out a bit, heres a teaser from our next Content Release (Scheduled for early October):

    Hanne Gulbrandsen
    Community Manager, PCF Admin
    First Planet Company
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    1. 711's Avatar
      711 -
      Testing comments system.
    1. Micheva's Avatar
      Micheva -
      Invalid Attachment.
    1. Seth Aumar's Avatar
      Seth Aumar -
      Same, invalid attachment specified.
    1. sitram's Avatar
      sitram -
      invalid attachment.

      Pls Hanne, fix it asap!
    1. 711's Avatar
      711 -
      Fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience.
    1. edeanp's Avatar
      edeanp -
      Please let that teaser be Sakura and the docks for the new boats! Probably Port Atlantis... very nice!

      Oh, and snazzy new forum. Will take some getting used to, and will miss the old forum and all those memories.
    1. Micheva's Avatar
      Micheva -
      Ohhh thats stylish. Too bad Im stuck with my 9600M GFX card
    1. Tree-doctor's Avatar
      Tree-doctor -
      Oink Oink
    1. Ido's Avatar
      Ido -
      OMg what happened the forum looked sooo nice and had cool stuff (like icons i could buy for EFD) now it looks like a fresh engine install with poor graphics ... someone deserves to be punished!
    1. Wed's Avatar
      Wed -
      Wow, will take some getting used to
    1. WeatherWitch's Avatar
      WeatherWitch -
      GZ on the new forum - yep that's gotta be pa?

      Never mind boats, I wanna JetSki
    1. Oleg's Avatar
      Oleg -
      Hello PCF
    1. hogfather's Avatar
      hogfather -
      The new picture sure looks intriguing..

      PS. The link in the 2.13 section is missing
    1. travolta's Avatar
      travolta -
      well this looks a bit diferent
    1. kevin282's Avatar
      kevin282 -
      so thats the new port atlantis? its looks more like a city now.

      nice new forum but i need to get used to it
    1. Borr's Avatar
      Borr -
      Whoo, that was a long night 711!

      Congratz to all involved in getting this online. It looks great and i am sure there will be many improvements to come!
    1. Meculus's Avatar
      Meculus -
      Looks great So I assume everything from is being transferred over atm? Existing threads, in box, and hopefully that shiny new banner I just had put up

      Good start, I'm eager to see old features back though
    1. Ajax's Avatar
      Ajax -
      Nice job on the forum - only took a few minutes to get my bearings. Looks really slick

      Itching to go exploring that city now - guess PA is the best bet, but maybe CC, which already has piers...?

      Well done

      P.S. Tip: the image is cropped by the forum width - right click and view image (or whatever ur browser has as an equivalent) to see the whole splendrous thing
    1. dr_udi's Avatar
      dr_udi -
      Forum seems to be up, I think. All very new but I can get used to this

      Picture is west habitat of course
    1. Lexie's Avatar
      Lexie -
      Nice forum on first sight.

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