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  • Tutorial Competition

    We’re in need of new tutorials for our new forum, and who more natural to write these then players themselves.

    Clear and concise writing is the number one priority. Try to keep every tutorial within the limit of 1500 words. Plus points for including pictures and/or tutorial videos (upload to YouTube for easy forum embedding, send link in mail)

    Edit: I realize some of you have problems keeping to the 1500 maximum in especially the large professions such as Hunting, Mining and Manufacturing. I'll accept two documents where the second is <Profession>:Advanced. if you feel you need to explain further. Keep the first document to 1500 words still though.

    Send your entries to the following e-mail before November 1st to partake in the competition. Mark the mail with the name of the competition and the Tutorial.
    Example: Tutorial Competition: Beauty System. Remember to sign the mail with your full in-game name and forum name.

    For every chosen guide, the writer will be handed 1 (one) piece of Community Recognition Armor and a 6 (six) month Modified Forum Membership as thanks for their hard work.

    Guides needed:

    • Interface and Controls
    • Hunting
    • Mining
    • Manufacturing
    • Understanding the Economy (markup, economy of professions etc.)
    • Skills and Professions – How does it work?
    • Trading
    • MindForce
    • Beauty System
    • Customization (Coloring and Texturing)
    • Land Management
    • Event Creation
    • Missions
    • Vehicles
    • Etiquette and Reputation

    Should your tutorial entry be selected, you agree to grant First Planet Company a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, publicly display, modify, adapt, translate, archive, store, and create derivative works from such tutorial content, in any form, format, or medium, of any kind now known or later developed. Without limiting the generality of the previous sentence, you authorize First Planet Company to share the tutorial content across all websites affiliated with and, to include the tutorial content in a searchable format accessible by users of, and affiliated web sites, to place advertisements in close proximity to such tutorial content.
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    1. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
      Hanne|SDS -
      test test blablabla
    1. Larkin's Avatar
      Larkin -
      I'll start tonight
    1. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
      Hanne|SDS -
    1. Miss Scarlett's Avatar
      Miss Scarlett -
      Guides needed:

      • Etiquette & Reputation
    1. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
      Hanne|SDS -
      You're right Scarlett. Ill add that.
    1. ranpha's Avatar
      ranpha -
      Ever heard of Alice her guide ???? :-) I mean really ... her guide is complete already with a good written line.
    1. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
      Hanne|SDS -
      I think I might have heard mention of her name, Faye
    1. .Stagger's Avatar
      .Stagger -
      might aswell request a guide to profit

      but i'll look what i can do myself.
    1. eoden13's Avatar
      eoden13 -
      so... since 1 piece of Community Recognition Armor is to be given away does that mean there will be 6 other type of events like this to possibly put together an entire set? thanks

      btw great community plan
    1. Mr-Joey's Avatar
      Mr-Joey -
      only English accepted or is it a event for the hole community?

      what about
      - French
      - German
      - Russian
      - Spanish

      will be given out one "piece CRAA" or one piece for each category?
    1. JoseMTacoral's Avatar
      JoseMTacoral -
      Hi Hanne! As you know from over three years makes a great effort to make tutorials and guides about our universe available to the Spanish speaking community. Translations of planetcalypsoforum posts (with an appropriate link to the original post), articles based on information from this forum and/or (with appropriate references to "source") or its own editing tutorials based on our own experience. With our modest 3000 + views per month we are the most visited websites in Spanish and has consulted and helped to make it easier to start from many members of the community. Like ours there are surely other sites in different languages, including forums, which I think we all deserve some kind of support or recognition from and even FPC. Finally we all have the same goal: make easier the lives of the colonist of Calypso!
    1. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
      Hanne|SDS -
      Jose and Joey, Ill be contacting the admins of the other community sites.
    1. JoseMTacoral's Avatar
      JoseMTacoral -
      Thanks Hanne!!!
    1. GeorgeSkywalker's Avatar
      GeorgeSkywalker -
      perhaps a guide on scamming? i.e. how to avoid yourself getting scammed (help yourself because no one else isn't going to)

      Also a guide on societies?
    1. Nirfu's Avatar
      Nirfu - Not much has changed. But I prefer to have my guides on my own site with my own adds close to it. I think that in the long term should pay more than the proposed payment.
    1. Kpeters's Avatar
      Kpeters -
      Awesome Im gonna get my vehicle guide started
    1. Tamn's Avatar
      Tamn -
      Very good, I've been compiling info for a guide I've been planning on writing for a long time. Guess this gives me a good excuse to finish it. =)
    1. Oleg's Avatar
      Oleg -
      Can I just send a link to an existing forum thread rather than re-writing the whole thing in an e-mail?
    1. Alice's Avatar
      Alice -
      can i just copy and paste my guide for this? :P
    1. ranpha's Avatar
      ranpha -
      can i just copy and paste my guide for this? :P
      Wait you can explain somthing within 1500 words !!!!???? Nah you cant ... you guide is more the bible of Entropia Universe :-)

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