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  • The Frontpage needs you!

    This FrontPage needs to be filled with articles about in-game happening, interviews with players and societies, reports about unusual activities and all the things that makes Calypso a place where you want to be.

    So Iím looking for news-writers to help me on this mission!

    You donít have to have a journalistic degree in real life, and it doesnít have to be super fancy. What you do is simply write up an article, publish it on forum either via making a thread or in your blog ĖSend me the link via personal message, say you want it to be published on front-page and Iíll take a look at it. The article will of course be published under your name.

    Every news-item that makes the front page is awarded 100 PEDs!

    So spread the word, and get writing!
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    1. UtCollector's Avatar
      UtCollector -
      Nice maybe i write some.
    1. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
      Hanne|SDS -
      Disclaimer: I might do spellchecking, and the article will most likely be altered in order to fit the frontpage.

      I may reject articles for various reasons. Writing an article is not guaranteed that it will make the frontpage! Of course the Frontpage is subject to the Forum rules like every other post.
    1. Cobra's Avatar
      Cobra -
      should be good for the community and attract activity to the site.
    1. Larkin's Avatar
      Larkin -
      Awesome, I may have to do this in the future as well
    1. Wollongong's Avatar
      Wollongong -
      I've been a reporter in another game... so I might go for it.
    1. Kitty's Avatar
      Kitty -
      You mean I can get actual peds in my loot window???
    1. johan roadkill's Avatar
      johan roadkill -
      cool great idea it's nice to intregrate the community more and more =)
    1. Sircus's Avatar
      Sircus -
      oh, might submit something
    1. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
      Hanne|SDS -
      Reporting can be a lot of fun! Which is why it was one of my favorite pastimes as a player.
    1. Ludvig|MindArk's Avatar
      Ludvig|MindArk -
      You're welcome to use my weekly comic if ya want to... I mean, I dont think many ppl actually reads it in the blogs section
    1. AmberWaters's Avatar
      AmberWaters -
      Just a quick question: you do know that the game is very restrictive, right? Besides some occasional bickering about a trade scam/mistake, there are not many interesting things that go on here? I assume you do not want people writing criticisms about the game's various systems on your front page, and aside from that, there is really not much worth doing such investigative reporting on. Some people enjoyed the stories written on EF's front page, I know, but what really belongs here that you aren't capable of telling us yourselves? I am not too interested in inter-society bickering between ubers or whatever is considered drama here, I am just curious as to what you plan to allow on the front page. I was fine with having the front page dedicated to important game/forum updates, made it that much easier to find out what is going on.
    1. Ludvig|MindArk's Avatar
      Ludvig|MindArk -
      Quote Originally Posted by AmberWaters View Post
      I was fine with having the front page dedicated to important game/forum updates, made it that much easier to find out what is going on.
      I miss the old reporting from different events (WoF, Miss Calypso, whatever), and I am sure others do to... Also, there used to be articles on major updates, and why not?

      Your attitude in this is kinda... boring actually, I am sry to say
    1. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
      Hanne|SDS -
      Hi Amber!

      As I mentioned earlier the Frontpage is also subject to the forum rules, so using it as a platform to slander or bicker is aboslutely not an option. All the entries are sent to me for review first, and if I deem it un-fit Ill simply not put it up.

      What goes on in-game other then that? There's plenty of things to do if you look. Interesting player-made events, from EUWBC, the EBOA Curcuit, the upcoming Miss Calypso and "The Bridge of Death" etc. and there was this Collective Suicie Jump from the Port Atlantis that I thought was pretty funny.
      And of course there's interviews with profiled or less profiled players, you could do articles about an in-game activity or follow our official events when they happen. There's plenty to write that doesn't involve drama, as long as you have some imagination or will to carry them out.

      About your frontpage needs, on the left hand side on the frontpage you can filter what you want to look at. So if you feel community news is cluttering up you can click on "News" for example, as Community Contributed Articles will be placed under "Community".

      Sure I could do all of these articles myself, but honestly I don't have the time with all the balls I'm juggling. Doesn't mean I won't contribute any though. However I'm one FPC official mending the forum as my job, so we're not exactly a huge team.
      On the other hand I really enjoyed doing reporting when I was a player, and I hope some others will find entertainment in it too
    1. Jamira's Avatar
      Jamira -
      Write your own articles at your forum! This forum is FPC's forum now. So do your job and serve the community with tons of informations. Don't ask for help from the community. You might offer a special section for participant's articles. But the front page should always be filled by FPC staff! This front page is kinda homepage of YOUR company now. Keep that in mind.

      I am ready to write articles for your front page. Just tell me how much you pay per row. Since I have to pay for each single feature FPC offers to me, I don't like the idea to work for you for free.

      ... or ban me ... I've just left in mind ...

      Edit: ... and oops! What do you pay to the former moderators if they continue? Or are you so audacious to utilize their service for free?
    1. Inifus's Avatar
      Inifus -
      Hmm... I may have to write up a series of articles to submit.
    1. Dr.D.C.'s Avatar
      Dr.D.C. -
      I think that a company owned forum must provide also original contents. Moreover i would really enjoy to have some tutorial from MA/FPC that would explain me what scope, amp, miss rate, max dmg, evade etcetc mean , this will avoid a lot of missinformation...... as minimum.
    1. Nirfu's Avatar
      Nirfu -
      I have to agree with those who give negative feedback on this.

      This is a company owned forum and the first page is your responcebility. First I felt it would be fun to write something like i did for my magazine and maybe get some PED for it, then I did think an extra step. All hard work behind a good article is not closely worth a random 100 PED. Even though I spend 20h gathering information, proof reading, editing pictures for one articel, I'm still not sure I will get anything back, and if I got it, what is 100 PED?
      IMO this will have a peak in the close future when Hannes inbox is filled with messages from "I write quick and dirty about nothing and the only cause I do this is to get some fast PEDs". I don't think this way of getting articles for your frontpage will render in a very high caulity and interesting stuff that belong on that side. IMO FPC could ask their staff to write a small piece about their own role and then we should have a lot of interesting stuff to read.

      I rather write something good and interesting for free than forcing something out for 100 PED.

      Just my 2 PECs.
    1. Opti's Avatar
      Opti -
      I for one don't agree with the negativity here. Every time FPC holds some kind of event there's people jumping on it claiming how unfair it is, how they are wronged, how it's not worth the effort, that you deserve more and that you're doing their job. Can't you see these things as opportunities (if not for you then for others?) Can't you realize they try to reach out to the community and might be put off or think twice next time? Don't you see there will be much more diversity with user created content?
      Not everything has to be fed with a silver spoon, 99% of the ingame information on sites like entropedia, entropiabay or tracker is gathered by the community and while i don't contribute to that i'm still pretty proud of it. Even if FPC benefits from it too it's still a win-win situation, whats wrong with that?
      So by all means disagree with something but please ask yourself if your negative post adds something constructive to the topic at hand and realize there's a person on the other end probably trying something nice.

      </offtopic rant>
    1. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
      Hanne|SDS -
      Who's saying we won't be doing any front-page submissions ourselves? There will be, but there's a difference between the content I write and the content the community writes. Its not the same. The EBN News are going to be moved here, all our previous blogging that went on Gateway will be moved here. I'm not asking the community to pull the weight, I'm opening up the frontpage for those who wants to write.

      The whole "Do it yourselves" doesn't really hit the mark when the reason I'm doing this is because I know there's people who'd find joy in writing and would find joy in being on the frontpage.

      Reporting can be fun and that's the main thing. I managed the frontpage at EF before this as well, and although the reward isn't much it is at least something and it may cover, if any, costs the writer has for pursuing the story. I don't have a unlimited budget, but I don't want any writers to go in loss or completely unrewarded for taking the time to share a good story with the community.
      I was a reporter at EntropiaForum for 5 years, I had my expenses and I spent my time writing unrewarded.

      And Nirfu, I still have the right to dismiss any articles that I do not find suitable, so those "quickly and dirty about nothing" may not do much at all.

    1. Nirfu's Avatar
      Nirfu -
      Maybe time for a community roadmap? That could clear things up a bit. No one knew about moving stuff to this site, at least I didn't (maybe beacuse I'm still strugling with the new layout and haven't found a way to see what's new or not)

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