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  • Content Release 2010.7

    In Planet Calypso's 2010.7 update the point of focus is the Medusa's Head property, the new grand oppertunity at Planet Calypso. The area features eight Landareas with two DNA's of the very popular creatures Sumima and Scipulor, in addition to a number of indigeous species. In addition, there's two Iron Challenges, 24 shops, 24 apartments, a Hangar, landingpad, huntinglodges and a mansion for the proprietor to delegate.

    The auction for this estate will start at December 13th and continue on to January 3rd.

    For many though, it seems like FPC's decision to remove rent from all shops, apartments and banks on Planet Calypso, is the most welcomed change.

    Read the full Content Release Notes here.

    For further details about the Medusa Auction visit the Medusa Info Page.

    In addition to our release, MindArk have released some platform fixes, including some small, welcomed changes like indicators in the HUD showing if the Auto-Use Tool function is in use:

    Read the full Version Update Notes here.

    And, last but certainly not least, our neighbor-planet Next Island is launched today! Welcome to the Universe from Planet Calypso, we wish you well!

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