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  • Epic Battle for Greenthorne LA

    Yesterday saw an epic battle for Greenthorne land area. Reminiscent of land grab battles of the past, it involved over 100 avatars fighting to take control of Greenthorne, with some of the biggest names in Entropia going for all-out war.

    Indeed this is how this intrepid reporter learnt of this battle. As I logged into the game there flashed a message Jenna Star Mercury killed over 30 before succumbing, then another big name Xplojd killed... and then another. After a few pm's I was hot on the case and making my way to Greenthorne.

    As I arrived in my trusty sleip, I noticed the radar in one section full of the red dots of enemy avatars. With nerves of steel and lightning fast reflexes, I single-handedly managed to kill all of them and take over the land area for Rangers. People were shouting Rangers for the win. It was absolutely amazing; you had to be there to believe it! The adrenaline, the action, the incredible moves and then I shouted, "Are you not entertained?"

    Ok, ok. A slight exaggeration. I didn't really take over or indeed shoot anyone. But eh isn't pvp about slap talk and exaggerations?

    This is what really happened. I sneaked in from a side where there were no red dots, landed on the outer wall, and repaired a few turrets. As I went in for the actual action I was running for cover from incoming fire from all directions. It was not long before I was at the revive! How different reality is from exaggerations...

    Making my way back from the revive it was not long before the battle for the LA was over with one of the Black Angels societies (BA) taking control of the LA.

    Kim, the Senior Developer for Planet Calypso, was there and I could see he was excited and wanted to join in the fun. He hinted that Wastelanders, the storyline avatars controlled by Calypso development staff, may want to fight for an LA in the future.

    What will happen next? Will BA be ousted by a bigger and mightier enemy or indeed a smaller and trickier foe?

    Could this be the beginning of a new era for land grab battles?

    Picture(s) courtesy of T-Jay Strettersen from his trailer video
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    1. Meculus's Avatar
      Meculus -
      nice vid and good story, cheers!
    1. soLO 3000's Avatar
      soLO 3000 -
      I think at one point even Kim feared the might of the Black Angels war machine
    1. Konvicted's Avatar
      Konvicted -
      Great article man
    1. TinyDancer's Avatar
      TinyDancer -
      It was indeed a fun time had by ALL! Hope this level of fun and excitement continues in the future

      Was amazing to see Star and company in action.

      Thank you T-Jay for being there to record and George Ace Skywalker for your article reflecting the event.
    1. dan trin's Avatar
      dan trin -
      great story more vids pls...
    1. aj502's Avatar
      aj502 -
      The MotorBoating Chinesers approve of this.

    1. Chesty Jugs's Avatar
      Chesty Jugs -
    1. T-Jay Strett's Avatar
      T-Jay Strett -
      Thanks Ace.
    1. gekkegerrit's Avatar
      gekkegerrit -
      That film was fun
    1. ktpsmf's Avatar
      ktpsmf -
      OMG i am on first page
    1. Arthurs's Avatar
      Arthurs -
      We made a history. cant wait next battle..
    1. Nor Alien's Avatar
      Nor Alien -
      Very nice story!!
    1. Rikky's Avatar
      Rikky -
      So when does the movie come out?
    1. Teiwaz Storm's Avatar
      Teiwaz Storm -
      Nice report. I wait for full movie as well
    1. mai isma apari's Avatar
      mai isma apari -
      Hurry with the video t-jay
    1. Menace's Avatar
      Menace -
      Quote Originally Posted by Arthurs View Post
      We made a history.
      Quite a bold statement there....

    1. Arthurs's Avatar
      Arthurs -
      Quote Originally Posted by Menace View Post
      Quite a bold statement there....

      I am tooking about all ppl who was at LG
    1. MindStar9's Avatar
      MindStar9 -
      Nicely done Ace, I really enjoyed reading the article.
    1. soLO 3000's Avatar
      soLO 3000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Menace View Post
      Quite a bold statement there....

      History is rarely written during an event or battle or war, it is only in the aftermath or the coming years we find out how our actions at that time have shaped our future.

      ...did we know we were participating in anything special? No. Did we feel there was anything different during the fighting? No. Even when DoA and Star turned up did we realise this was shaping to become something big? No, Star and DoA were just another enemy target there to be taken down.

      It was only after the smoke cleared, and the guns fell silent and the dodgy sleips were recalled and the adrenaline levels had gone down did we realise, wait a minute this was great, this was intense, this was so frickin awesome!

      We do not know how far our actions will travel in time or how our actions will be perceived by those down the line, all we know is that we were there, we enjoyed it, everyone enjoyed it, win or lose, the atmosphere was electric, the trash talk was corny, the action immersive and most importantly, it was FUN
    1. delcour's Avatar
      delcour -
      fair play solo that sums up what i felt buddy


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