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  • EBN: RX Crushed at Fort Argus PvP Zone

    Jermaine Johansson: Youre watching Entropia Breaking News. Im your host, Jermaine Johansson.
    Today, the PVP area at Fort Argus became the scene of a massacre, as man fought man-machine, with man emerging as the victor.
    All those who risked their life in the battle are owed a great debt of gratitude from all Calypsians, but the following colonists were rewarded for landing the killing strike or shot on an RX unit:
    • Haylie DuoDuo Xu !(Destroyed the RX Unit Alpha)
    • Princess Nika Paun
    • Viginti Jacobite Tres
    • Tas r0ound Tadas
    • Adam Nebu Jackyll
    • Uniqu3 Uniqu3 Hunter
    • Henxy Rose AngelHenx
    • Princess Nika Paun
    • Mark Slim Shady Hellahard
    • Tomas NoX Paslaptis
    • gurra uglykidjoe aktersnurra
    • Jenna Star Mercury
    • Andrey InvisibleAndre Junior
    • Kayla Mystique Sinclair
    • James Bling Cash
    • Cerb Hulk Beris
    • Avatara Light X-tra
    • Zaphod Zappen Beeblebrox
    • Ruchnik Batiskaf KZ

    The Egg is still missing, and the orange-clad 'female' RX unit, codenamed Omega, who can be seen in the surveillance tape from Treasure Island Castle, is still at large.

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