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  • Skill Up Weekends!

    Finally the major upgrade to Entropia Platform has regained stability and we are getting close to delivering the Game Experience we want to share with all participants inside the virtual Universe.

    We want to show our deepest appreciation for your patience during this more than wobbly week. We will therefore significantly increase both the strength and the chance of getting the automatically triggered Skill Bonus introduced in VU 14.3 during the following two weekends.

    First Skill Up Weekend: starts Thursday 3/10 10.00 UTC and ends Monday 7/10 10.00 UTC.

    Second Skill Up Weekend: starts Thursday 10/10 10.00 UTC and ends Monday 14/10 10.00 UTC.

    The Skill Bonus Buff symbols will be visible in the Dashboard UI, by default in the lower right part of your screen. Hovering over the symbols will show the Type and Strength of the Skill Bonus you will get during the Buff period. The Buff symbols appearance differ by the kind of Skill Buff you have received.

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