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  • Cargo Crash

    The Colonial Xenobiology Institute (CXI) has issued an urgent request for assistance to prevent two dangerous species from gaining a foothold on Eudoria. The CXI fear that Daspletor and Cornoanterion pose a severe threat to the native flora and fauna of Eudoria, as the Daspletor once did on Amethera.

    The Daspletor and Cornoanterion reportedly escaped from a cargo ship forced into an emergency landing west of Minopolis. The two species can be found in areas near the landing site.

    The Daspletor seem to have wandered down to the desert regions south-southwest of Minopolis (near 86118, 84189), while the Cornoanterion have remained in the woods to the west (near 86913, 84790).

    Initial investigations of the salvaged cargo ship have uncovered no evidence of sabotage and are instead focused on a possible malfunction in the security systems on F.O.M.A. - Fortuna. This security malfunction could have allowed the Daspletor and Cornoanterion to board the ship while docked prior to travel to Calypso.

    Help protect Calypso’s ecosystem from the potentially devastating effects of these two dangerous and aggressive predator species!

    Please report any sightings of Daspletor or Cornoanterion in other areas of Eudoria to the CXI immediately.

    Hunting challenges for these two creatures can be acquired from Hunting Challenge Terminals all over Calypso, or from NPC Simo Hayna on F.O.M.A. - Fortuna.

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    1. The MeanMachine's Avatar
      The MeanMachine -
      wow this was cool
    1. Aloisius's Avatar
      Aloisius -
      wow! gratz on changing the main page here! i'm proud of you guys!
    1. Mega's Avatar
      Mega -
    1. RobBuona's Avatar
      RobBuona -
      Quote Originally Posted by Killahbee View Post
      After 5 billion years of crying, they still didn't fix the empty domes but isntead moved so called unique spawns once again.
      I know this guy is inactive (disapeared kinda), but remember how they arsefucked deathifier?

      Be creative and fix the domes...
      "Inactive" is being away for a few weeks/months. This guy has been MIA for years.
    1. DavinFelth's Avatar
      DavinFelth -
      "Have fun giving us all your peds for 5k mission on mob that gives awful loot and who knows how long we will let spawn and that we did this the lazy way of addressing the domes!!"
    1. messi91's Avatar
      messi91 -
      Quote Originally Posted by DavinFelth View Post
      "Have fun giving us all your peds for 5k mission on mob that gives awful loot and who knows how long we will let spawn and that we did this the lazy way of addressing the domes!!"
      "Have fun if you want to invest in your avatar for later progression.We are giving you choices to freely pick if you are interested to make your avatar greater and stronger.You couldn't finish those 2 missions before on a taxed land and now you can free of charge."
    1. Psynergy's Avatar
      Psynergy -
      It's a battle between drug patent like thinking where after a certain amount of time you are able to make a generic(tax free), versus permanent investment proponents.

      However, now we also have in the added fact that the original owner abandoned the mobs. It is an effective and well deserved punishment for abandoning a critical area of the game you were responsible for on the time frame of many years, without even communication.

      I will say additionally the game is rapidly changing how it will be focused, played, and evolved and I feel it is for the better. I think in the future there will be multiple locations to hunt all mobs, people will invest in companies instead of being the sole controller of an asset, and there will be less actually abandoned areas in the game in the end.

      No complaints here. Let the Dasp and Cornoanterion rain from the sky! Their security systems at CND should have been maintained.
    1. Fanan's Avatar
      Fanan -
      The best thing about this Event is the new front-page on the forum!
    1. Joat's Avatar
      Joat -
      Can't realy afford to hunt them as I want, so I go for loot instead atm. Quite ok imo since
      you can get a lot of good runs.
    1. Aloisius's Avatar
      Aloisius -
      Quote Originally Posted by Fanan View Post
      The best thing about this Event is the new front-page on the forum!
      wait now! don't get any ideas. ideas like, they might change the front page regularily. last easter wasn't an anomaly, it was a symptom. our society is doomed. we should just jump off the short bus people! even if it is moving!
    1. JOSEILLO's Avatar
      JOSEILLO -
      Quote Originally Posted by the meanmachine View Post
      wow this was cool
      greetings, i look excellently the distributed prizes and to give the best of each one of us and see what we achieve.

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