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    Entropia Universe discord channel is live!

    If it's the link @ the first post, it's still active. I just joined up a couple of minutes ago. :)
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    Extremely Rare Ethereal Armor on Sale in - Gamasutra

    Can't believe even ONE set sold. It's crazy. ;)
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    Buying: Modified Isis LR53

    If I remember correctly, I've heard that there are 4 of them ingame. I owned one of them until a while back when I sold it. Bought mine from BKK who looted it from an Eomon. Sold on auction, sadly though, I can't remember the buyers name. Was @ T7 when I sold it. I think Suzy has one @...
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    12969 Ped Eomon + Tier 9 ATH on Mod Stark

    Way to go! ;)
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    Entropedia Server Upgrade

    Bumping this thread. I realize that this thread is a few months old, but entropedia is once again quite unreliable, connection-wise. At this moment, I can't even access the site. Happens from time to time it seems. And also, the information about the loot tables of some if the mobs aswell...
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    Bad timing

    Sad to hear that, SBI. We know you will recover! Beat that shit and come back stronger than ever! :)
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    Selling: Sirens couturier

    Cool way of selling sets of clothes. I love the story-telling. Too bad I ain't got a F ava. Free bump
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    FYI: I dont complain often but WTF Mindark (Camo Sound)

    Don't have a Camo at hand. Could anybody post a video of the new sound? :)
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    PayPal won't refund a Twitch troll's $50,000 in donations :D

    Because all people aren't greedy and if they enjoy the show/stream they like to support the person performing. Many top streamers are comedians who talks and interacts with their viewers.
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    Bee's DPS service

    Made me rofl. tried to +rep but have to spread around my ripe rep before I once again come on you. Free bump.
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    Buying: Full Angel (M) UL Armor Set

    He buys and sells, rinse & repeat.
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    Do you acknowledge ND as president in EU?

    Couldn't vote, no facebook account. Who were the other candidates? And to be completly honest, who cares about a VR president? Are there laws or legislations he can change? Is there a congress he must consult upon changing anything? Will he be able to wage war against other presidents in...
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    Petition to remove Explosive BPs (or change them) - Part 2

    Add me Mighty T 2mas Kottonmouth
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    Achievement: Great Grand Master

    Enhancers, skillpills and a shitload of dedication, I assume. Eitherway, awesome!
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    Achievement: First Aid Points Master

    Holy Fap! That's alot of FA. Insane! Well done. That's alot of back-watching and prolonged ass-staring and so on. ;)