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    I have gas.

    I have a similar problem. Most good foods are bad for me, anything that is a little difficult for the digestive system to digest causes issues. So plants basically. What I do is eat potatoes as often as possible, like hashbrowns/tater tots for breakfast, and fries or mashes potatoes for...
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    Entropia and the NFT craze...

    IMO all EU would have to do is accept all crypto as a payment method, and then advertise it as a game for crypto on all the crypto sites. EU takes your crypto -> exchanges it via normal crypto exchange methods into USD -> exchanges it into PED. Cashout is the exact opposite, PED exchanges into...
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    FYI: Easter mayhem 2021 and ring 2021

    What is this Weight: 0.1kg? Aren't all rings that weight? Is this going to be something else? I'm going out on a limb here and saying that perhaps this will be a "carry weight increase" buff.
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    Have you seen the ModMerp?

    merp young now
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    ola50 is now neconu young, no merp. Ouroboros is also merp young.
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    0.00% TAX. For the Community!

    Not interested in politics, but could you set it to stalkers? Stalkers are much better for the codex. I know i'm just one vote, but thanks!
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    Question: Daspletor and Cornonterion spawn

    Are any of these spawns still active?
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    10k bones mission for one agility point....

    With that being said, i have lots of 10k bones for sale. :-/ PM me
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    The Chain of Ascension - Chance to WIN 10k PED in a Day.

    Benevolent 3J Afterdark
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    Osseocollum Mega Markup event- Huge Prizes Up For Grabs

    Register me please! Benevolent 3J Afterdark
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    Buying: EK-2600 Imp or mod

    still looking! 4k for imp 7k for mod
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    Entropia Gold's NEW Event: HOFF's HOF OFF - 5 Land Areas & 5 Different Mobs!

    Register me please! Benevolent 3J Afterdark
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    Buying: EK-2600 Imp or mod

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    Buying: Adjusted Restoration Chip

    found one, closed.
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    Buying: EK-2600 Imp or mod