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    Entropia Gold's NEW Event: HOFF's HOF OFF - 5 Land Areas & 5 Different Mobs!

    Joey Jay-Jay Javonie Registering! :)
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    Selling: Hedoc SK-50 Adjusted Tier 5

    Anyone interested in this fap? Will sell TT+500 soon if no one is ;) BUMP
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    Selling: Hedoc SK-50 Adjusted Tier 5

    Hey yo man! Ey yo man... Eomon Bump!
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    Selling: Hedoc SK-50 Adjusted Tier 5

    Slow down, speed BUMP ahead!
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    Selling: Hedoc SK-50 Adjusted Tier 5

    Did you get hit on the head? Look at that BUMP!
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    Selling: Hedoc SK-50 Adjusted Tier 5

    I present.. Sir Bump, First name Daily
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    Selling: Hedoc SK-50 Adjusted Tier 5

    Day: Lee Bump!
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    Selling: Hedoc SK-50 Adjusted Tier 5

    Selling my Hedoc SK-50 Adjusted Tier 5 56.6-75.5 hp heals @ 24/minute (WikiLink) Looking for offers. Will start bidding at TT+500 Got initial bid via PM & *S*O*L*D* PS: I reserve the right to refuse bids or take this auction down.
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    Info: "Nearby" in lootable pvp

    I agree on removing all, Nearby & Radar Make PvP like real life :) Oh and so many hills in pvp, remove them. While your at it, Add trees like Isma said. Oil Rig in PvP4? Yes I like this idea, I think MA would profit big on people shutting down rig. Jay-Jay
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    Info: Step one for improving PVP

    Not such a good idea... Anyone could just goto pvp in a less popular area and shoot afk in the air to skill. Yes, waste of ped, but when you have it and just want to tier a gun, this would be the perfect scenario. PvP has always been this way, the "auto-aim" is what kills it. I love pvp but...
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    new Login Music

    Sorry to complain.. Is it possible to turn off the login music? or not make it overlay all other windows? What I mean is not have it play when other windows are over Entropia Every time I load Entropia I do other things and sometimes have music playing. Song is great, I just find it annoying...
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    Countdown to Merry Mayhem 2014 - Primordial Longu

    Wicked event!
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    Iron Challenge: Bercycled Stage I-V

    Joey Jay-Jay Javonie & Team Guess Who? Captain -> Joey Jay-Jay Javonie
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    Shinkiba Land

    I'm unable to see the files. Access Denied Jay-Jay
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    Achievement: Smilgs - stuff done in 2014, and todo for 2015

    O.O Amazing, Keep at it !