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    Question on why auto bots ruin the game.

    There are several ways that using a bot can give the player using it an unfair advantage or adversely affect the gameplay of another player. A good example is people that used to skill Evade while AFK. I used to hunt Neconu sometimes, when I barely had the skills to kill one. I used to hunt...
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    WoF 2011: Team DACH

    Great game :yay: Well done DACH and grats on the big hof :)
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    Grimyth's Giveaway! Over 10k PED in prizes - March

    Grats :yay: That is a great loot to start with :)
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    WoF England 2011

    full avatar name: Eric AARDMAN Halfabee vote for Captain: Whover wants the job preferred position: Reverse Cowgirl availability: Intermittent, improving later Cool If there is only ~12 people in the squad I should make the main team again :) Go me!:yay:
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    HoF: 834 PED Longtooth with Full HL6 (L)

    Grats :yay: And welcome back ofc :)
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    Achievement: 1.000 Longtooth mission.

    Grats :yay: The 50 mission was hard enough for me heh :)
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    angel tooth

    Grats Alice :yay: Nice item to loot :) and happy birthday heh
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    Uber: Unlimited Stingury

    Grats :yay: A great loot with a nice blade :)
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    Does skill affect maxed weapon or hunt?

    No I disagree. There are a few low level SIB guns which have a better eco than Opalo SGA/A101 even considering their markup. Damage and hit skills come largely from a combination of DPS and number of kills. So the best way to get skills faster is to use a bigger gun and kill more mobs (within...
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    First Craft hof, Second uber ever.

    Grats :yay: A nice welcome back from afk :)
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    Puny Hunting Log

    Wow 28.75 :eek: That is a big loot from one of them. I hope you get a global on them Coop :)
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    Make me laugh

    Man with hand in pocket feels a little cocky. :D
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    cond test with BP L :)

    Grats :yay:
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    HoF: Surprisingly empty ambu

    Grats :yay: Nice loot :)