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    Arkadia developer discussion tonight!

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    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Withdrew May 09 & May 26th - still pending.
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    Question: What ever happed to: Megingjord Mk1

    Yeah as a relatively newer player I'm gutted PvP tanks aren't a thing, bring this back MA ^^
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    Info: Highest known Intelligence in Entropia

    100 Intelligence AckerZ 25/07/22
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    Prominent booth rental system.

    Yeah would be another good revenue source for MA, renting out the 'Marcus Calander Estate Manager' ghost town shops for a reasonable sum I'd definitely give a go.
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    Question: Is efficiency real???

    Efficiency is related to loot return, DPP is related to loot composition. Confirmed by MA The higher efficiency gun "should" give you better TT return in the long run (see Zhos thread on what that return is likely to be based on your looter level) however the loot composition you get from both...
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    Khorum Coast on Austin TX news!

    Great job Joker, MA sign him up. Also just fucking lol to Reddit
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    Highest known Looter Professions in Entropia

    unreal stats... willing to share any insight from the promised land of 100 looter?
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    Info: PVP4 (Akmuul Island) Complete Spawn Map VU15.15.1

    do huskklings drop wormslayer?
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    Suggestion: Bring back

    bring back summer boxes
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    News: Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    Yeah also not participating in Migration this year. The MU is non existent without boxes for the non Eomon grinders. Will MA ever explain the logic on this? Feels a bit shit to have really positive features of the game removed with no explanation at least as to why. I'm relatively new to EU...
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    Star's Fund

    ROI is 20% after 2 days so 100% after 10 days or 3650% ROI over a year based on you trading items? Unfortunately I'm not sure that makes too much sense friend.
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    News: Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    So boxes out with nothing added to replace them....