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    Selling: Selling the new Christmas Ring 2020 - SOLD

    Gratz. Can you say what exactly the life steal does?
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    Question: 15.17.0 Release Notes / loot when alone in team

    The problem that needed fixing, way back then, was the team being closed unexpectantly. Either the team leader losing connection while the team continued to kill mobs, leaving a dead mob that couldn't be looted, or people would continue hunting while still on the team, the leader would close...
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    Question: 15.17.0 Release Notes / loot when alone in team

    If you are in the middle of killing a mob when the team closes, you can now loot that mob. You can't form a team by yourself and go hunting, but if you did that and killed a mob, you could loot it after closing the team.
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    AMA video will be delayed

    I think My is jerking you guys chain. It seems like something her avatar would do. Mischievous looking thing. :p
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    Suggestion: I am looking for the increased health buff provided from the stables

    Have you tried to contact the stable owners directly.
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    Is Mining finally dead on entropia

    yes mining is dead, didn't you see the release notes? If you can believe what they say. mining has been nerfed thru 2035, when the game becomes carbon neutral. You sound not like a happy person, 2035 will be here before you know it.
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    FYI: LAG

    I can live with a lag, so long as it doesn't kill me.
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    Discussion with MindArk about the current direction of Entropia Universe

    I like the little dog. More little dogs!!
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    What do you guys think of our balancing manager, Sally?

    Does anyone at Mindark own an Iron? Even an (L) one?
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    One for the books

    I've never thought about it from that point of view, thanks for giving me ANOTHER reason to be sleepless.
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    What is the cheapest/most efficient Blue Print to Craft for general crafting skills?

    When did MA official statements get credibility? Must have been one of my off years.
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    Bug or Feature?

    A beast nor evil nor mod evil would fit.
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    Bug or Feature?

    yyep k