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  • TI, Nate, and New Oxford only if I remember correctly.

    If I log in an hour early or so, I can just load up on ME and do a few jumps to get the important ones. I have an uncolored Berlin Jacket that I can't seem to get sold, so I think I might bite the bullet and TT it at a 10 PED loss so that I can free up some money, that will let me get more ammo and a P5a or H400 to replace my nearly broken, 22 PED TT H400.

    I'll find a way to make it work. The TPs won't be an issue, scheduling may be (but most likely won't be), so it looks like I will be free and clear to do this.
    Hey aframo, I'm sorry to say that I won't be availible to take part in WoF stage 2, but gl and let team 8 get a few more globals than we had on stage 1 :)
    Nope. But when Sitka comes on later you can buy from him. He's my provider. He's the capt of Team 13, so he'll be at Wolverine with us.
    I am not sure about sat and both threads just talked about saturday. i am going to go out of town tonight and be back on saturday just not sure what time i will be getting back
    Hehe nevermind - we can just meet up tomorrow sometime. Can get online in the evening when it fits you :)
    I'm online again now - checking forum once in a while, so you can pm me here if you wanna meet up in Twin or somewhere. I will be online for the next hour or so (approx until 22:00 MA time) - just pm me here if you can meet up
    Hello. Hit and crit on P5a is both 0.0 atm. SIB doesn't start until level 16 afaik, and is maxed at 21. Where H400 is maxed at 15.5. So should be able to max H400 before the weekend, but won't be able to get decent hit and crit on P5a sadly. I'm at tp @ Twin for the next 10-15 mins (Its now 19:00) if you wanna meet and add to FL or have a chat.
    At work atm, but will be off and in-game in about 3 hours and have the next 2 days off...can meet or be anywhere you like...:) Will log back into EForum when get off work to coordinate a meeting
    Ok, I'm at the Jason Centre shop container - I will either be at the auctioneer or at the TP
    Hey, I can log in real quick and meet you. I think I last logged off at Jason Center or Twin Peaks...

    I'm easy to find - look for the short female avatar dressed in all white.
    Hey, if you are still awake and get this, go ahead and catch some shut eye, I'm going to be yet another hour at the very least before I can get on. Tomorrow should be fine though.
    Well, what time do you get up in the morning? Midnight here is 7 AM where you are and I can probably stay up until 2 AM (9 AM for you) if that would be easier.

    Heck, I've been unable to pry myself away from Mass Effect 2 all week, I'm sure that I can play that for a little while and manage not to fall asleep.

    If not, I can try and meet up with you some time tomorrow, it matters not to me since we have plenty of time.

    Just wondering though - are you military stationed overseas? Just curious since you are part of Team USA.
    CST is GMT/UMT-6:00, so that would be 4:00 AM MA Time. If that doesn't work, we can aim to meet up tomorrow at some point.
    I'm not able to meet up right now, I'm not ony my own computer and won't be home until later tonight. I'll probably be able to log in at around 10:00 CST for a short bit, maybe we can meet then if you are available.

    this must be one of those cases when I'd rather say pic or did not happen :D well, it might be better to use 105 on it but as far as I know the difference with 104 is not that big. anyway, I just got curious and thanks for explaining! =)

    HAHA nej de gör jag inte. är så pank nu så gör inte så mkt ig, chattar mest.
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