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    Melee Amp calculation for DPP

    Thanks, didn't know the comparison tool had amps while the weapons list didn't. Was also hoping for another place to find this info since Entropedia is up and down some. Appreciate the help!
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    Melee Amp calculation for DPP

    Hello Friendly Forum Warriors, I am hoping to find somewhere that calculates DPP for melee with amps. Yes, I know I can work out the average if maxed etc using the maths. I also would like something as easy as Entropedia, but not sure if it does or does not exist. Any ideas? Thanks, Ahrotahn
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    Entropia Universe 15.9.0 Release Notes

    So Any update on when the inventory should actually begin loading up? The first time I logged in Materials inventory began loading after a few minutes. I relogged because the armor and clothes tabs would not load. Now no tabs are loading properly. Anyone else had this issue? Anyone know a way...
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    Buying: Looking for Rancher Hat (M)

    Bump it up!
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    Selling: [Tripudion Leather Texture Blueprint (L)] with 73 uses

    Hello folks, Just looted this today crafting, so thought I would post it on the forums. [Tripudion Leather Texture Blueprint (L)] - 73 uses PM me here or in game. Thank You, Ahrotahn
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    Buying: Looking for Rancher Hat (M)

    Hi, Looking for Rancher Hat (M). Ideally black, but will also purchase raw and have colored. Pm me here or in game =) Thanks, Ahrotahn
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    Looking for Colorist/Texturist & Tailor for Black items

    Hello Tailors, Colorists, and Texturists! I am in need of black color/texture to be applied to an Elder Coat (M). I am also looking for a Tailor that can make or already has a Rancher Hat (M). I have a client that would like to try the hat and likely also color/texture it to be black. Current...
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    ARTISTIC Make Up

    OMG I need this mask! My RL wedding was Nightmare Before Christmas themed! LOVE IT.
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    Made some masks

    I'm way too noob to buy one of these, but this is amazing. Nice work!
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    Info: Longtime's Imp MAKO FAL Hunting Log

    Thanks and a Guess Thank you for posting, was a great read through as an aspiring Swordsman myself. I will guess 92.47% TT value. Good luck!
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    My take on this game

    New player that loves the game perspective Taking part of Trance's post, I'll have to say that I am a fairly new player. This game heavily favors those that don't mind being "solo." I have just ran around exploring, cycled about 300PED on noobish mobs from a deposit of 200 PED so far. I have...