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    Info: WoF: Team Amethera

    Today at 1400 we will shoot stuff, you can still join us! :)
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    Info: WoF: Team Amethera

    NATION OF CHOICE: Amethera FULL AVATAR NAME: Alexandra Alex Cooper
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    WoF 2014: Team Sweden

    Deleted - GL Sweden :)
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    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Alexandra Alex Cooper
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    10 peds Atroxmania @ LA40/OLA2

    Sign me up please :) Alexandra Alex Cooper
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    1st impressions new VU

    nothin more to say really.. just came up that someone discovered a explosive projectile weaponry technology skill implant.. dont know if it was looted or if he just made it, 8 peds worth
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    1st impressions new VU

    okiii... so now u can loot filled skillimplants...
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    Nice going there! :wtg:
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    Thx! ;) It was alot of drilling! took like 5 hours cos i only had 100 mining skills when I started (chipped it out a while ago):wtg:
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    I usually just lurk at this forum but now i decided to post cos im just happy:)
  11. 2166 ped

    2166 ped

    biggest up to date
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    severs still down for everyone else ...

    woke up after 3 hours of sleep to play some more entropia just to have to wait 3 hours and its still not up:mad:
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    Fall Hunting Competition - Oct. 1 - Dec 30

    58 ped atrox Click to enlarge
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    global 57