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  • hey read a lil of ur guide gonna finish soon =p was wonderin if ud be ma mentor ima start playing soon =)
    I am a finance student writing my master thesis, about EU. i am writing about socs, i would like to interview some of the members of the soc, and i was wondering if you think that you or a member of your soc would want to help me.

    hope to hear from you

    miss master thesis
    Hi Alice.. i would like to be your friend... Your guide is the best reference about the game that i know. I think u are the best menthor in EU. :D
    it isnt up to date due to the recent update to VU10 tho, it should still help tho
    Heey Alice
    i just wanted to thank you for the great guide
    just started yesterday dont fully understand everything in it but im sure it will gonna help me

    Again Thanks ^^
    I am in need of a mentor, but I kinda graduated already ;).. accepting? he he ^_^.
    Hi, Iam in nedd of a mentor and Crone told me that you were the person to talk to :) let me know what i have to do next thanks.
    Hello Alice! I am new to this game and i am looking for a mentor. After i've read your guide and seen all your graduated disciples i realised it would be best to try having you as my mentor. Should you accept this, just send me a pm or accept my soc application so we can talk. Ingame name is Nillu Skyes Nillufar
    Thanks for the +rep Alice. I was reading about mentors and it all seemed so negative. I am having a good experience with it and I knew there had to be others also..I must say I have used your training manuels frequently. thanks for all your time and effort putting it together.
    Hey Alice!
    How are you?
    I'm new at this game.
    I'm friend with Edana.
    She told me to come to you and ask you to join the society (I don't know which societ) and to be your disciple.
    Actually I'm on a laptop computer, trying to deal with the stuff fron the game without a mouse, I'll see what I can do.

    André Albuquerque
    Hi Alice
    I have read your Entropia Guide and would like to be your disciple if you're taking people on at the moment.
    I thank you for accepting me to the SOC, as I said before I am not looking so much for a Mentor as for a like minded individual to share the EU experience with. I have been monitoring soc chat and getting involved with the soc as much as I can and I am happy to say it is a pleasure again to be involved in an active soc with helpful and friendly people. As for why I discipled under you,,,, Why not? Can't mentor myself....LOL Good Luck and hope to see you in game and spend some time with you and your crew. Thanks John...
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