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    Suggestion: PVP4 needs attention

    at this point im sure we argue with some dudes that are not even level 50....waste of time as usual :D
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    Suggestion: PVP4 needs attention

    bla bla bla...and more bla bla bla thing is to defend yourself you need some gear and peds to get at that level. Those fuckers prefer to use the low regen helm and use rockets to keep their life low thats just mess up and it should be bannable cuz its taking advantage of a broken system
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    Suggestion: PVP4 needs attention

    Yap Chris was not active a period :) He didn't knew
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    Suggestion: PVP4 needs attention

    sadly Theo we asked this for few years
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    Returning player setup

    adj resto must have 2350/2600 mod also are good
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    Selling: Halloween 2018 ring

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    Selling: [A&P Series Mayhem BP-70, Perfected] tier 2.9

    crypto boys are throwing hard earned money XD
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    Info: 1 Year playing bring the cost of 10 000$

    Man you talk with 2 globals on hunt 12 ped lmao. When you get at some level 50-150k ath wont mean much. Imo you lose more if you start from scrap. Just think how crappy are the weapons at low level , the time it takes to make level 100 again and in all this time if your playing for generating...
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    Do you influence your finding or system has it fixed for you ?

    i see that u are learning :) Btw this wave system was added back in the days like 2006-2008 dont remember.
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    Selling: Halloween 2018 ring

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    2020 Mining for me

    Today i decided to check and finish my mining run i started in november lol > i started hunting after that. So i ended up at 94,02% (this include one of the worst period I had in a while at rig in 3 weeks 125953 > 103605 back ). Finders L30/C0uger/T8. When i was active my cost was 100-200k...
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    HoF: 18k Fefox

    Gz but try use the gallery and upload your picture
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    Selling: Halloween 2018 ring

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    Selling: Halloween 2018 ring

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    Selling: Damage enhancers

    Bring it upppppppppppp