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    Selling: Easter Ring 2020 / Christmas 2019 / Halloween 2018

    I don't own any of these rings, but I would sell them for around the same price if i were to sell.
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    Question: How to fap to get fap decay compensated in loot ?

    None of those mentioned above, d) let the mob hit you, fap, kill, loot
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    Decay from Scanning added to loot pool?

    tested with a friend. shared loot team. he was killing a mob, I scanned multiple times meanwhile. 0 loot for me
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    Gender change

    I want to change the gender on my hands so I could finally finalize one of my sets by buying F gloves!
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    Halloween Mayhem 2020

    It's called "Mayhem" for a reason
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    AMA video will be delayed

    yep, take 5 months if needed. I am sure that the text version is safe to publish by then
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    AMA video will be delayed

    instead of announcing a delay, wouldn't it be much less work if you announce something that will be delivered in time?
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    This is getting ridiculous already, @Ludvig|MindArk what is taking so long? we have another mayhem going on already ... can we at least get some ETA?
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    Info: Do not color your texts manually into very light nor very dark colors

    It is impossible to read some texts due to forum styling differences. If I use a light theme, I have to highlight all the manually colored white/light texts to be able to read. The same goes for dark themes if the color matches the background. Very annoying "feature" ...
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    Increase auto-loot ranges.

    Here you go lol:
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    as far as I understood, it added 25% to your total reload. meaning 25% was added to the top of 130% = 162.5% total reload
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    Info: Support case "solved" under a year!

    I got answers to a few of my cases actually, but this one looked a bit funnier. seems like something is happening in their support section!
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    Info: Support case "solved" under a year!

    They have woken up! I finally got a response from them (after 10 months of waiting!)
  14. support case closed!.JPG

    support case closed!.JPG