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  • Thanks Aly!

    Ive had my clothes for sometime think its time for a up grade hehe

    Love your outfits all of them, you sure do have style girl :)

    Goodluck to you tc!

    all good im sure we can always work something out lol i have seen some of the things in your little storage anyways next time im in game and see ya on i will send a pm your way lol
    hey na i dont have any clothes they all sold :( kinda sad but as soon as im back in action i will be looking into buying that set of boots, hat and cost off ya :D
    Hello Aly :) I got a bit disapointed by the result so I left the stage quite fast ;p Anyway you did very good and I hope you will win next time ;)
    hehe cheeky bugger but yes and my slippers thanks :p

    You know what you have to do for me to forgive you for that comment know don't you? :p
    i just wanted to say hmm ummm!!!


    oh and....

    good bye

    oh and....

    be safe there are people out there looking for you.

    I am a finance student who is doing research on socs in EU for my master thesis, and I was wondering if you or someone in your soc would help me by answering some questions

    Hope to hear from you

    Miss master thesis
    Hi your the girl of the article!!! Its nice that you share your story with us all. Very cool keep up doing your job hehe ;) Gz p.s. your pica is awesome Cheers Chica Chicana
    BTW, everyone's right about your photo, its a cracker :D Mind you it still doesn't compare to seeing you in person ;)
    Your very welcome Aly,
    I just said what i know, hear & see.
    Big Gratz again on ur whos who : )

    See u in game soon
    Cheers, Kane
    HeeHoo Aly
    Your Who is Who article is awesome! Ty for sharing your story. Thank you for the headsup about my profile, yours is quite cool too.

    best wishes

    Ps. (just the names of visitors who posted messages is a bit hard to read... change the color of links to something more dark to fix that)
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