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    ATH: ATH 4 my B-Day

    Love this story! Definately made me smile ;) Congratulations and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Cheers :beerchug:, Aly
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    Hi there :) Thanks for the message. and yes! I wish they had masks back online! Just not the...

    Hi there :) Thanks for the message. and yes! I wish they had masks back online! Just not the same without them.. fingers crossed we'll get them back soon ;)
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    Thanks and likewise ;)

    Thanks and likewise ;)
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    Colouring pricing question

    Those are both very expensive colours to use and I would personally not reccomend using them on any 'basic' items for this reason. Prices will vary depending on who you are using to colour your items and what levels they are at (ie. how many enhancers are needed). This thread will give you...
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    BooBgirl Juicy WeT is gone ! here the Story why ... thx censor chip

    EDIT: Ah crap. Just realised I have bumped an aging thread that was probably better off left alone. Sorry! (That's what you get for not getting online enough i guess!) Nothing to see here... move along ;P Agreed. A lock after 5 years with NO warning?! Seriously?! If it was something...
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    WoFoVision 2010: Poll to decide winner!

    AD AC all the way! :headbang: erm I mean... 1oRQTOcGqvI Cheers :beerchug:, Aly
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    Make up your mind!

    Will someone please teach him how to open and read a different thread? (Just in case he REALLY doesn't know how to) I would... but I'm too busy laughing :laugh: As for the question regarding 'offensive material'; It essentially comes down to 'what is offensive to who?' I think there are...
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    Woo! Thank you for the birthday wishes :D It's been an exhausting couple of days already! and...

    Woo! Thank you for the birthday wishes :D It's been an exhausting couple of days already! and there's still another party to get through tonight :eek: Fingers crossed I'll still be standing at the end of it.. or not :silly2: Have fun out there ;)
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    ***Stage 3 Moblist***

    :eek: Good thing we saved that stash of bug spray and cork hats from last year ;) You're a cruel cruel man Hurri! :silly2: Looks like another painfully fun moblist, good luck out there ;) Cheers :beerchug:, Aly
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    Happy birthday LeeLoo!

    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to you LeeLoo. Hope you had a great one :) Cheers :beerchug:, Aly
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    Event: HELP Black Hawk Hawk. (Great prices)

    Pfft how could I resist?? The results were surprisingly tame actually :silly2: But this site did give me a few laughs; Ah, it's good to be ten again every once in a while :D Cheers :beerchug:, Aly
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    Help: Decent laptop for a decent price

    I've found several laptops that comfortably run EU on Vhigh settings. My favorites within the 1kUSD range are from Toshiba, Asus and Dell. I've found that most other brands are either excessively overpriced, or struggle with overheating when running graphic intensive programs. Personally, I...
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    "Would You Rather..."

    mmm Kangaroo ;) As long as it's cooked right :silly2: Tiger or Jaguar?
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    FYI: The potential of new planet graphics

    Perhaps my post was badly worded. My point was on topic, but I don’t think I expressed it very well. I have no major issues with MA. I think they have built a brilliant platform and wholeheartedly agree with the decision to split the planet gameplay portion off to a separate company to increase...
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    FYI: The potential of new planet graphics

    Unfortunately, yes. This along with many other things that relate to MA still holding the reins on the underlying platform is what concerns me most. The communication issues between FPC and MA and the multitude of problems recently caused at MA's end worries me. If they can't handle the...