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    Help: Account compromised - Completely wiped-out all inventory

    It looks like many people's old support cases have been closed with that same message, I think MA is doing cleanup (finally !!). Do as they say and submit a new case, let's hope they sort things out for you ;)
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    Question: Resource Gathering, Gardening and Housing

    Hello, The introduction of these three new systems was an exciting leap towards real housing in Entropia Universe, but it seems you decided to abandon the idea of developing them any further. Besides a couple of minor bug fixes there has been no new content for any of them even though there was...
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    Question: where can a shop owner advertise the shop's stock

    here Thats fine, take requests and craft whatever people want. Then put it for sale on your shop and tell your customers they can come pick it up at the shop (by ingame mail, or just post an update to your thread because people can "watch" threads and get a notification automatically when you...
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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]

    No company in the world wants to undertake a difficult release unless they think it's truly worth the risk and the extra work. Why is everyone so impatient. Chill out guys :smoke:
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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]

    Improved EP-41 would be nice, now that it's almost impossible to make the adjusted one yourself... lol :D
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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected

    If you are reading this, no worries guys. Better do it properly ;)
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    Calamusoid Mission Info And Such

    For upgrading Modified 5B/6A into Augmented.
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    Constant crashes after patch

    What kind of internet service are you using (DSL, cable, fiber, satellite)? What router are you using? Does the router reboot or is it just the internet access that is lost? Trying to see if your problem comes from the internet service itself or faulty hardware. I ask mostly because the cheapo...
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    Question: A thought about bowties

    I forgot about all this, please MA bring the count back !! We miss his swinging personality. ( don't judge me )
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    Price Check Vivo T20 Adapted : It has Stats between EMT 2350-Adj and Emt 2600-Adj , so What is its TRUE value (??)

    I know it's not what you want to hear but your fap, at such high TT, has almost no MU. Sorry :confused:
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    Strange politics

    Whoever answered you in that support case has no idea of what he is talking about. There is a category in the ped flow center called "Compensation". What do you think that's for? and some examples: - Players affected by the no looter hussk and several no looter sand kings (ammo refund). -...
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    Suggestion: Limit or Remove TP Fee [ QOL Change]

    When they remove the TP fee :tiphat:
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    Suggestion: Limit or Remove TP Fee [ QOL Change]

    You are correct, I forgot about that change.
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    Suggestion: Limit or Remove TP Fee [ QOL Change]

    You have my +1 for complete removal of TP fees. I would use warps more often, since my only problem right now is having to do the landing myself or pay the stupid TP fee. So I just stay on Caly .... :confused:
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    Entropia Universe 17.3.2 Release Notes

    I'm having this too, there's nothing blocking the creature and I am within range of the weapon but the avatar keeps trying to get closer instead of shooting. Lag is much better but not completely gone :)