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    :laugh: Director! What's my motivation again?? :laugh:
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    Tiers Theory Confirmed

    Can't answer till we know why you -repped them in the first place... I agree that minus repping someone should be last resort, extreme case. So if you started the pettiness to begin with I'm inclined to say "pot, meet kettle." /\
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    EU advert in google ads?

    I'm still scouring the website, but it occurs to me that MA/FPC probably does have a program to compensate planet partners for recruiting new, spending players. :p (Now, if I could just afford a planet! :yay: Yes you have, don't pretend you haven't dreamt about such a thing yourself - you...
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    EU advert in google ads?

    What do you mean, Etopia? Happy Birthday and a +rep for many more! /\
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    Not enough RAM for Update 10.5

    LOL you'd have plenty of memory if they didn't use it all with the low-memory pop-ups! :laugh: /\
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    WoF 2010: Team America (USA)

    Vitas Ant Antronius; Support; Da makes a great Capt. if he will be into it this year. I actually did better than I thought I would for 2009 (my expectations were VERY low - LOL). AND if I still have a job this time I'll be able to spend more and make a greater contribution! It was a blast...
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    Mobile Entropia Universe!

    Foul!! :mad: Who leaked my code?? I'm suing! MA guaranteed me in my Planet Partner contract for my EU Mobile App that this would remain top-secret until I was ready to release it!! FOUL!! :mad: ;) /\ Nice vid, NH! +Rep! /\
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    Help: Fresh install hell! Keeps on deleting my clientdata directory!

    Sorry to hear that - then it doesn't seem to be related to the new installation to your laptop specifically. Rather I would check the other threads in this forum for information concerning the 10.3/10.4 download and installation issues. (as I'm sure you have already done). I'm now guessing...
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    Help: Fresh install hell! Keeps on deleting my clientdata directory!

    Actually I do see a "clientdata" directory in my "Entropia Universe" directory as well as a "bin32" directory. I'm not sure, but the "clientdata" directory may not appear until you actually play the game from your laptop for the first time? (This is a guess and you didn't say that you have...
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    Realization, Clarification and Apology

    To all: I recently created a thread in this forum with a title that I didn't properly word. Several posters stated that they didn't like my thread title and I couldn't understand why. (Me <---- clueless.) Now that the title has been edited (thanks!) with explanation I understand. [I guess I...
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    No player ever comes out ahead.

    Aly - At least you read the OP. That counts for a LOT! Actually, the variables are what I wanted to talk about. :shrugs: Thanks to the others who got it also. :locked: because most of the responses are just mindlessly dredged from other threads anyway. /\ntronius
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    No player ever comes out ahead.

    Algorithm anyone? That's what this thread is about - not supermarkets, not decay - but how a completely separated RCE component of the game from MA's bottom line might shape the games algorithms. I'm sorry I can't be here all day long to mind the thread because I work and I have medical issues...
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    No player ever comes out ahead.

    I understand, but I was trying to write it as simply as possible so it was perhaps a slow read. My question from that post though is: What were the devs keying their algorithms on if it was not company profitability?? (Because the basic premise is that MA has already made their money on the...
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    No player ever comes out ahead.

    I'm glad you think my post has merit as far as stating something that has already been posted elsewhere - but I'm not trying to get a theory out there. The purpose of the post is to draw comments about what the devs might have used as guidelines for the game algorithms if there was no need for...
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    No player ever comes out ahead.

    DR - My post supposes that MA has built the RCE portion of the game so that there is no cross-over or "mixing" of the part that is what some call the "loot pool" with the part that is MA's take -- the decay. What I'm suggesting is a more simple solution to MA's original design of the RCE...