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  • +rep for your edit then :D
    was going to edit in I checked it now, but looks like I dont need to lol
    Thanks for the rep, yeah all these calypsians are all talk about what is better for them, without even knowing what is possible with today's technology :).
    Well then your an idiot... it was IRONY... it was to poke fun at an old subject that people vented over but then a change was made and everyone was happy even though 1/2 the issues people complained about were still existant.

    Anyways... the point of a neg rep seems dumb... you thought it was a dumb thread and so you neg rep with no comment? Christ... if thats how the EF community was then there would be very few people with positve reputations...
    Woah you actually -rep me for that thread? The point of it was irony my friend... look it up.... With all the negative threads on the GD I tried to poke some fun at the past... Make a comment at least also... or do you just throw your neg reg around all you can?
    You expect me to respond to you on this ? :laugh:

    Yes it was intentionally placed that way.
    I am still angered by this attitude being taken,
    it will need to change simple as that.

    It shows clearly that your not as much as a know it all as you make out to be on such things.
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