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    Selling: Arkadia Plot - Milton Crest 1

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    Selling: Arkadia Plot - Milton Crest 1

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    Question: Is Paypal not an option?

    PayPal is and will always be the greediest of providers.
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    Before you get your withdrawal delayed...

    I never use paypal. I don't agree with scammy companies with excessive fees (>10%) with questionable policies. Also you're*
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    Resource Bottlenecks and Sinks

    Would you ever consider a few ways to handle some known intensive resource bottlenecks by leveraging existing crafting systems to upgrade components into higher tiers by consuming lower tiers in larger quantities? While people may not choose to use these options to help with their desire to...
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    Planet Calypso Content Release 2020.0.5

    Next update, new Lawnmower (L). Get gardening skill and you can [pay] mow it yourself. ;)
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    Congrats to MA for a flawless VU

    It is a forum post. Don't be hyper-critical. Heaven forbid someone gives MA a +rep. What's wrong with you...
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    Longtime's Entropialoot Hunting Log

    Milestone: 600,000 Skills 100 Laser Pistol (Hit) - Pistol Maxed
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    Longtime's Entropialoot Hunting Log

    Mankini loot buff strikes again :O
  10. screenshot_2020-10-12_14-0-54-Thorifoid Adept Shaman-60PED.jpg

    screenshot_2020-10-12_14-0-54-Thorifoid Adept Shaman-60PED.jpg

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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]

    Well, on the positive side of this - this game is very addicting to a bunch of people to show their impatient/ugly side. :)
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    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]

    Some of you really needed a spanking when you were younger - hell, maybe you need one now - but you might enjoy it, like me. :rolleyes: 🍆 Calm down - do something else for a bit.
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    Suggestion: Limit or Remove TP Fee [ QOL Change]

    In this case, monria to calypso TP acts as a way to avoid unsafe space. The risk is there and thus maybe 7ped should remain for that TP. I did not think about this specific example. I was thinking more on the SS to planet and satellite (like CP) to Calypso teleports. So now we're talking about...
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    Buying: Hangar

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    Buying: 10mg Pills Bulk Order 1,000+

    Drug addict.