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  • Ahh yes, real life can be quite time consuming. I've not had much time to log into EU myself for the past few weeks. :)

    Sounds like a fun vacation! Relax, enjoy, and don't forget the camera! :grouphug:
    Heya hot Ice :p I'm bit in haste in real life to be ready for vac - August 5 we (me, wife & sons) gonna start our long trip by car. ~ 3 weeks reserved for that to enjoy. Will be ~10 000 km, to Porto, Gibraltar from Vilnius. France, Spain, Portugal to visit.
    That's why I'm rare guest in EU - many tasks still to do at main work :(.
    hi. Just came from swe (1 week long visit) and already working on. Adjusted prices on finders
    G'day greetings from Australia and the many downunders in EU, Absolutely its red wine day for me too and every day if my ageing brain could tolerate more than few I'd live on it :)
    Currently quaffing this nectar the Shiraz... absolutely superb
    I'm sure you'd also be carresing a glass of a decent Lithuanian beauty as well ;)
    All the best :)
    sorry, dear Ben, I've failed negreping - you dont care about any opinion. I respect your patience on searching for your goals. Keep working man. Something what others could learn from you. I will stay blind for your negative side at my opinion and will keep supporting your positive.
    Thanks & big smile for my Star :)
    Welcome to my room and thanks, LivingGod. All the best, my friends
    Bringing a ray of sun your way ... congratulations on your ATH my dear Auk, it is well-deserved indeed. I'm smiling big for you. ;)
    Thanks PinkPcP :) I would like to hear more about radioshow - maybe I could help there? ;)

    Buxxy, cheerz, I liked time before and after. *Hugs*

    Hehe, ty Ice, you are so ... - we know what should be inserted to replace "..." ;) I will ;)

    Have a good time all

    Gratz Auktuma! :woot: Keep that smile going, and if you need a mood boost, come to say hi to Silver Ice ;)
    Gratz hun on yer ATH ... Glad i was there to to keep yer goin with the smelly salts haha :D
    Well deserved & about bloody time!!
    *hugz* :D:D
    woohooooooooooo Gratz mate that was awesome:)
    I did a shoutout for you on my radioshow :)

    xie xie pengyou,
    i've expected just light on at home but got fire. Looking for the water (melchi?) now, hehe.
    Hao yun qi
    WOW,i just read it from forum and find u get the big ATH,hehe

    what about i said :) hao yun deng zhe ni!

    BIG GZ........... now enjoy your light plz :)
    Hehe ^^. I have found some spark of good mood and thought I will share. I hope I haven't caused fire with it :).

    Switch on your MP3 player now ....
    Lately I'm not much happy with the balance of [energy spent]/[fun recieved]. But humans are smart on adapt, i hope to survive too. Life is getting harder (I mean real life; let's hope I'm wrong), more intense, require more energy and higher precision and that's why people look for more help around. I've promised since autumn to teach one more group of students in university and that will mean lesser time for EU :(( But I'll try to find a solution, maybe I will ignite young men, though hard to keep them at home - best are leaving to Europe or USA.

    Virtual life is some escape for me and clearing some bad circuits of energy. Thanks for your ray. I've been sleepy ;)
    Awwww Auk, You always make me blush. But I don't think my poor teddybear would survive Twins Ring hehe :) How have you been hun?
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