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  • Hehe, Thanks for laughing at my hurricane joke post. I keep getting fussed at because I don’t take them seriously enough. Though after Hurricane Ike, I am going to start to.
    ni hao chunbiao. Xiexie wo de pengyou! Fei chang gao xing ren shi ni 2. Hao yun qi.
    ni hao Auktuma,fei chang gao xing ren shi ni zhe ge pengyou,hao yun song gei ni,kuai le mei yi tian!
    My Sun,
    heh, EU is truely dynamic and that makes our life here irregular. You know I'm crafting addict and there were something to do on it over period - i have had nice loots of BPs (MA109, OA109, some other). It's more fun but also higher responsibilities and additional time shared on service. Also needed to share some time to my family (SoF+SoFc) - we have had some nice teamhunts (up to araneatroxes).
    Now, when DAKIBA statue been looted, I would like to initiate an event (or even several - got 5 or 6 statues crafted) on daikibas having the statue as prize. Asked on forums but not yet got info if any LA owners got good (several DNA chips instaled with no tough mobs on land) lands with daikiba on it. Heh, I like the idea, sounds as fair way to share that new items but not sure if i'll get enough time.
    mandu: the principle - share in order to get - works very well. I like to see mood on ppl - that's best gift, best gain. Test it and you will never stop doing that :p
    And very recent activity - shared some ideas on Freyr's & Sodiak's event series "Defend your Claim" and did some sponsoring. I hope miners will like their events.
    That hunt you did sounds like a nice time. I've decided as well, that the next time I get a big fat loot, I'll do something charitable ingame. A free event for noobies maybe.
    Hello there my dear Auk ... nice to see you have some vacation time available now, and that you will be engaged in some "fun" activities. That seems like a cool thing you did there with the newbies, and if you'd like company or some help with that in your next escapade, let me know, I'd be happy to join you. :D
    Heya, Buxxy. Heya my friends. Just got vacation on my main rl activities and now will be able to share more time for EU. Last sunday i have had nice hunt campaign with newcommers. Donated m1a+XR40 and 50 ped ammo for each of them. "We are noobs but Power with us!" Got great help of my socm8, TheClansman - great man. We have tried to findout max tough mob. I've expected ammo will last in 1 hour but it took .... > 4 hours, hehe. Unique time for me. I think I'll organise that again.
    Thanks, my Sun. I'm sorry, I have had some bad period of doubts, but ~200 more clicks need to do and I hope I'll pass it.

    Brilliant interview with Emma an Simon! Thanks to 711 he brought it to FP - I havent had much time to be on EF :(
    Just bringing in a little sunshine ... hope you're doing well Auk, and I'm looking forward to our next moments of mindful fun. :)
    thanks mandy bud. Thanks Lee, dear friend. Hehe, got some flight reading about Sun, sun light ;)
    Happy Birthday again, and I loved your response to the birthday thread. You are such a beautiful soul :)
    I am not sure but I think this is your birthday so in my onw language "Joyeux anniversaire!!!!!"
    Happy birthday Auktuma.
    Hi. You're prob sick of answering this one:)
    I'm a female avatar & would like a set of impossible to find Ghoul.
    For you to craft a set i understand you need Tridenite.
    Could you please tell me exactly how much Tridenite i would need to give you to have you craft a set for me & what costs if any would be involved? Or am i just pissing into the wind on this idea? lol
    My dear Auky, sometimes i feel so blessed for being in this soc. And it's mostly because we have people like you in SoF Family. Ty so much for your nice words here on EF. kiss kiss
    My 'kids' know how that an artist..I work work work....after about 20 hours..."Hey..this looks like pure crap...DELETE" lol and the gears start rolling again ;) I'm in love with 3ds Max and Zbrush..Maya...bleh but I do use it as well. A recent project I completed was of an Angel...I'm very proud of has been put into production (printed on a 3d printer to make a master mold to produce a table decorative piece).

    And yea, I have been asked if I ever sleep since I play EU and work lol While I am not on EU...I'm working most of the time :) If I had the option I would never sleep, too much to miss and not enough time to do everything and talk to everyone! :) and yes, movies are grrreeaat! If you do want to see some of my work, shoot me a PM but I have nothing great online at the moment.....I hate my work lol
    To Raven_li: Once I was dreaming to get some practice on 3D max or Maya and even purchased it just it was too short period :( 1 or 2 short and simple movies. If we could have 48 hours a day to do all things we dream on... But that is great thing if you got time for that - I like movies :p Have you any of your "kids" to d/l?
    peww I don't like going around breaking young guys hearts ;)

    :hug: have a sunny bright day

    (it is SO summer here, it's warm and awesome - gonna sit and sip in a glass of cold white wine at my french balcony in a min :) )
    It's very hard to resist your invitation, Lee, my friend ;). Yeah that was much better than at twing ring - we even heard music this time, hehe. Sun, beach and brave company as well as cold champ... :dance::dance::dance: What could be better. Cool time. Thanks for invitation!
    Though, I'm sorry for being like bear - rl sucked my energies as well as I've lost plastics of dance due to too intense crafting...

    lol don't fall don't fall .. I didn't say it was ME on the picture, did I ?? .. it could have been .. but ... nononon ;)
    Heya Sun, thought it's time to present my firm cartoony :) "Smiley4u". Electronic version, though i more like to paint it by hand. And thanks for gratz - Lootius sacrified one of many Beasts for me (got some amp and much energetic residue - looks like wasnt ordinary Beast) :p. World became lighter now.
    And just when I thought I got a bit hurl me a few yards back!! lol :) Interesting subject to say the least..could prove to be a decent idea for me to dabble in a bit of medical science illustration ;)
    Thanks for the dance hon, was better on the beach than at twin ring lol. :hug:
    Gratz my dear Auk ... on your 13k+ ATH Beast. If anyone is deserving, you are, and I hope they only get bigger. Hugs! :)
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