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  • cheers m8 wel its way beyond hobbies turned into a life time career..

    not sure if yar ever ariund the netherlands or belgium otherwise come and visit some great events:)
    yeah I did the same :D but after I wrecked my Riker UL2 I gave up on laser rifles. Only laser rifle I use nowdays is my Opalo SGA :D have always liked blp a lot and before I did blp rifle I did blp pistol until I bought a Svempa S60 (L) which I didn't have maxed. So I just stop using blp pistols and went over to blp rifles ^^
    the shotgun is just for show :D nearly dead :D decay like there is no tomorrow ^^
    cb13 is that weapon I've got most globals with but it's really ammonomic which I like :) (high damage with low ammo burn) Decays more then the similar weapons in that ammo burn category but speed,damage and less ammo is Win Win for my part :D
    I've got team globals on fouls but never solo globals :3 argo on other hand I've got both :3 (team and solo globals) the solo globals I've got with a cb13 :) my favorite weapon ingame ^^
    it might be closer than you think ^^
    I wouldn't say no to a second hof but I think it will take time for it to come for me :D
    yeah I hope that to ^^ closest I can think of is if borrow my socmates Zombie armor, he've discovered most of the tiers on it :D I was friend with the guy who found the two last fresquada parts and loads of angelic scales. After he sold them he changed completly :3
    Money do change some people :3 I wouldn't say no to getting an uber thought :D
    :) I've only had 1 hof on 222PED Garcen Grease :3 that was my first year ^^ now 2 years later all I've got is no loots mostly and some globals :D biggest 186PEDs xD
    yes it is a good Idea :3 would be fun as a project to run a LA thought :) will take money indeed and time :3 I'll wait with getting an LA until my third year in EU thought :) I saw some event on rocktropia that the 10biggest ath's would get a free LA apperently :3 so it could be something to strife after :)
    ooh I see ^^ yeah just to have an house or apartment ingame would be awesome :) I might consider getting a LA in the future just for fun ^^ I've never maxed my storage with is all good :) 302 Items was my max and then I did my best to get it lower :D ended up giving away several bp's to a friend that wanted to buy bps originally xD
    the vixen droids is the closest to robots I saw there :3 the thing I had on my picture is a thing that holds up nthe rocktropia sign I belive :)

    I heard the apartments on cnd dropped in price after storages was put up there :3 remember that the storages are seperate so bring the stuff you need :3 otherwise you won't be able to reach them unless you go back for them :3
    I enjoyed my stay there :) oh an thanks for the compliment about the pictures ^^ went there as an expeditioner for the soc and it added to my thread I'm writing on. So I had to take lots of pictures aswell :D
    I prefer Rocktropia over Calypso. Better Music and I can easly take out Lone Wolf Stalker. Remember thought that Rocktropia is still under structure so it will get bigger and more things will probarly be available later :3
    Backstory: Being in Soviet Russia at the time, censors were stricter. In his original song, it was too 'pro West' for them, so he said he'd sing a song without words, as some type of bull protest. :laugh:
    ...and that was the amazing product. I love it!
    "Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising messages, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts."

    Hmmmm, guess they're stuck and there's not a damn thing I can do about it =((
    Will I get in trouble if I report my own unremovable messages for trolling me for more messages to complain about their unremovability and then later add to them by removing these messages as well?
    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg... how do I delete those damn deleted messages?
    Thought that's what the whole delete option was for =/
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