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    Alien Biogenic Gel, where?

    Whatever it is it'll have to come in decent quantity, or at decent price. Considering that one click of Aux Socket Imp costs 88 alien biogenic gel, and an extra lyst. It'd better amplify the quantity considerably if it's gonna be rare and unaffordable. Think I'll let this collect dust in storage...
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    Ban the Above User!

    Banned for understanding trolls :)
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    Newly Discovered Moon to be Auctioned

    Agree with the creativity. I used to write descriptions of areas, characters, and the NPC dialogs for a texted-based online game, that survived off donations, and so long ago vanished into the abyss. With no pictures to distract players, all that existed was imagination. But you can't entirely...
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    Info: Skill Increase Bonus Charts v2.0!

    bump... wondering if anyone's done an attack chip sib chart.
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    Aahhh... the EGG and Deathifier

    Lol, never even thought of that, coming up soon. Maybe that's what it is, an Easter bunny. Like the one from Rise of the Guardians, a tough Easter bunny that we can hunt on TI, that drops a ranged no ammo weapon... the Boomerang. :)
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    Aahhh... the EGG and Deathifier

    Lol, agreed. But you must be a little excited to finally see something come of your investment. Apart from just the novelty of the egg, and what marketing, and events such as the egg hunt, that prodigious investment provided for previously.
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    Newly Discovered Moon to be Auctioned

    Hahaha! I'd buy it if I could sell my condo in under a month, sounds like it'll be entertaining... but I can't so I'll wait on the next opportunity.
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    Aahhh... the EGG and Deathifier

    EBN: Egg-citing news out of Treasure Island - and that’s no yolk! 06 Mar 2013 13:50 UTC Jermaine the Anchorman: “You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson. Today’s top story: A major announcement coming out of Treasure Island. We go now to our reporter, CJ...
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    New SIB Weapons Charts

    excellent work man +Rep well deserved.
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    Mary Jane Blocked again

    Lol, made me think of this: Donny Darko, what a great movie :laugh: Lol, not sure if that video of the kid was fake... I've seen spoiled kids freak out like this. Except for the part about trying to stick the remote where the sun...
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    Ban the Above User!

    Banned for not having a disgusting signature :tongue2:
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    Obvious things it took you ages to notice

    Lmao, I did this too, north of Nea's near to the LA with the molisks I got a huge deposit of blausarium (purple ore) on purple land. Went on a huge expedition after that seeking out the color of dirt that looked like the higher MU ores. Didn't find another global of the same color, but lots of...
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    WoF Canada 2011!

    Looks like it's about that time to begin to assemble. Heading in now to Oshiri! !!! Go Team Canada !!!
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    Summon Claim?
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    Summon Claim?

    Nvm, found another thread with good detail on what it is: Other thread makes this one moot, should be :locked: