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    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    I think that changed too only what you deposited in the last 6 months or something similar.
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    Suggestion: We get rid of the noise that constantly disturbs you! :)

    Great suggestion. I would like this as well.
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    FYI: Crafting Strongbox Keys

    ah to bad they don't drop from ep1 , i started doing those for the daily crafting mission on Toulan.
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    FYI: Crafting Strongbox Keys

    keys are untradeble.
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    Unable to log in Server down Fort Fury

    its weird tho even tho maintenence is going on there are people streaming at this moment
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    News: Merry Mayhem 2020 Results

    So that when a new top weapon gets added they can buy it?
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    News: Server Downtime for Maintenance

    Don't worry , when that happens because of a bug they will take it back and ban you for abusing a bug to gain peds :D
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    Missing old time ubber HoF

    Aaah :D sorry for the misunderstanding.
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    Missing old time ubber HoF

    Me? How is that mean?
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    Missing old time ubber HoF

    Yes, when i complained a long time ago Toulan glob were not counted , they told me to mail them the info so it could be added manually. However sinds then i don't know if anyone still operates the site as i have an open thicket for a while now.
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    Renting Gear System Solution

    With a system like that resellers will buy up all decent ul items and soon noone will be able to get their hands on them without paying the price of rent. That would kill the nr 1 reason of using an UL (removing mu from your equipment)
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    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    Because your obviusly doing something you should not. Why do you keep asking the same question when you had many telling you what to do? You either enjoy provoking people on forums or you are a very stubburn guy/girl and refuse to listen to others and instead keep wining. Whatever the case this...
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    Suggestion: Loot 3.0 ideas

    I won't , fun forum post to read less so to deal with your bs. You can't even keep track of what you said yourself 66-75% not 50-80%. Enjoy
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    Achievement: Natural level 100 on 66 USD

    Amazing, gratz.
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    Power leveling

    Isn't the amount of skills you gain based on cost. The more ammo your guns uses the more xp you get. Thats what i always believed, no testing done.