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  • Hi
    I'm a Colonel in Jurai Blood Academy and I want to invite you in our soc. We are 19-20 active members now and we are the "child" of Jurai Blood(NR. 23 now and going up in most skilled socs).
    Dunno how skilled you are but i'll guess you'r close to 80-90k. For Jurai Blood requirements are 120k skill.
    We are mostly hunters, have some nice miners, we do soc hunts(maybe you have seen some of our global chat spamming :) ) and JB is a lot at rig if you like PK .
    Please do a little search on EF about Jurai Blood, also visit a little if you like and I think(hope) you'll come to us :) .
    Wayting for your questions if any .

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