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    Ziplex P160 (L)

    Cool info thanks for sharing!
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    Looted Lore Logs From Yesteryear

    I got a McGrangus log from a sooto mining
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    Every game has cheater not just Entropia Universe.

    MA makes a lot of money from EP gambling so they should re-invest that into stopping cheaters
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    I predict MA just starts migration early and walks away for another long holiday hoping everyone forgets :wtg:
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    No depo from me two Fridays in a row.
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    To punish or not to punish exploiters

    No it doesn't allow mining.
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    I'm curious too...but the event isn't over yet and I'm sure there are many more that were ready to go in the final days of event that haven't been added to the list of "12"
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    This exactly :lolup: I imagine there's a record of players finishing a run and then trading the pet to their soc mates to start their run too. Can the community manager give a response to this please.
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    Yog buff exploit: time for MA to take a stand

    how long has this bug been giving players a huge advantage?
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    Mayhem from the past to 2020 The punishment is too small or too great

    I was considering a depo this weekend but now another instance where players cheat and it harms the rest of us playing like normal suckers
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    Rookie Chat: What is the meaning of this?

    seems like a job for the community manager right?
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    Objectcollisions: This starts to get pathetic!

    When you get stuck underground be sure to take the opportunity to check for the markers MA hides under there to show where big mining claims will be :yay:
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    Hello from MindArk's new Community Relations Manager!

    Welcome and good luck! :yay:
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    Arkadia vs Calypso?

    Cyrene...lots of little missions...lots to explore.