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    -= Demonikos, Your EU Doctor =-

    Welcome Back mate! :D
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    HP extenders (L)

    I think there is quite a big difference between lvl13 amps and hp-gain chips anyway.. But i guess you stick on your opinion :)
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    HP extenders (L)

    It doesn´t matter.. I am a low-hp player and it wouldnt be fair enough tbh.. Why craft "skill-chips"? Whats the meaning of spending several k peds if u can buy a "skill Mf chip" just for the fact that several low lvl players like me and others might be jelous of the mid/uber lvl avatars? We...
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    HP extenders (L)

    I voted No! I dont feel that its fair because of the fact that people who have skilled several years shouln´t be "Out-Hp´ed" by a nib.. I have 120hp and want to skill naturally with my hp-gains and it shouldnt be an advantage with a (L) Hp chip to be honoust. Fact is that if people want easier...
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    Selling: Need to sell

    Item is sold Mod pls Close thread Rgds BB
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    Selling: Need to sell

    I am Selling an Urban Nomad Verdant coat (F) Yellow tt+ 135 Might be a bit cheaper if the deal is quite fast Rgds BB
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    Uber: Abrer Laser Sight, 6k, on video

    Gongratulations man, nice one! Thats some nice gambling shit :D But how much profit did u actually do there? Has to be a high cost on those sights if i remember right :D
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    The game hijacks my microphone

    I use to hear some players speaking sometimes lol :D
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    Info: Repairers List :)

    lvl 20 and rising ^^
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    Question: Reasonable Armor

    Sorry but i wouldn´t even look at settler mate :) adj pixie is a gooood choice :D
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    Lose 50k ped answer ma:

    Howabout changing gameplay in that case? Hunt your mob that are skilled for and that aren´t that costy... :)
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    Question: Reasonable Armor

    Yeah depending on what mob you hunt also :) But as my skills says, i am quite a noob yet :ahh:
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    Selling: Various Clothing

    Gl Skam :) allways nice having a sellout :)
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    Question: Reasonable Armor

    Tbh Ghost isnt reasonable for my gameplay - way too expensive in decay Shogun is reasonable but i´ve already owned that one. Adj Pixie seems to be the choice atm, quite good protection while hunting low maturity argonauts :D Might even be a good choice when i hunt other mobs later on, with...