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    Trying to start a taxi company, already have 9 ppl

    If you are interested in joining the company, heres the discord...
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    Selling: Selling Amazing gold building G sized appartment on TI

    Add me in game to see the open house! Wanting to sell it for ~1.35k negotiable (these appartments usually go for 1.5k+peds)! PM for questions and offers :)
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    Selling: Hypercharged A105

    How much for it?
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    Making Apartments & Shops more useful

    Would be cool if plants were harvestable in an appartment. Would also be awsome if they fixed the ugly ass hallways! I have a gold (g) appartment in TI and the hallways look horrible.
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    Selling: WTS fully furnished appartment with 2 rooms and a balcony in epselon Calypso.

    The decorations/furnishing for this beutiful appartment costed 200 ped! The appartment is on the tenth floor and is an H mid sized apartment. It has a really great view! The appartment is right next to many shops, 10 seconds of walking away from a teleporter, and 20 seconds of walkin away from a...
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    Selling: some stuffs

    Hey, how much for the apartment?
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    Selling: Rare Upgraded Apartment on Arkadia near TP!

    Do you have any other estates for sale?
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    Selling: Appartment

    Hey, do you still have it?
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    Selling: Garage sale + selling the garage

    What is the price for the house?
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    Selling: Genesis Star tower B , 7H Appartment

    You still selling appartments?
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    Selling: Omegaton Gamma Complex, 2E

    These types of appartments aren't even worth half your asking price tbh
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    Buying: Wtb ANY Caly appartment under 450 ped

    Like title says, I'm buying any caly appartment under 450 ped :)