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    Hit rates lowered?

    Gz john i know it wont make much different your loss, your hopefully a up swings coming your way.
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    Hit rates lowered?

    A few years back i was had a really bad case of runs :sick: this last for months. Did not matter what i did could not get my hit rate up or i was getting the smallest claims possible. I was d so much k's of ped, then things started pick up. It went back to my average. i had some big hits and...
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    My Mining Journey

    yeah as soon as i saw I really should track my runs, but i cant arsed most of time. Gl its good to hear Ark has MU.
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    Why are people not bidding on the eggs?

    Maybe they need their money for excessive fuel prices in RL. Not a lot of people are willing to gamble on something with a company that don't have the best reputation of full filling their promises.
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    Info: Unreal Engine 5 Devblog

    Maybe i am just thick as dung, but i did not get any really new info out of this blog. He talks about about a world, but not the universe. Is this just about Calypso and one again mining and crafting will have to wait!! Will be getting a blog next year saying they working on them SOON?
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    How space can ruin game experience

    It sounds like this is your issue and it bothering more than you let on or you would not made a thread about it.
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    How space can ruin game experience

    Daisy always lurking in darkness. I have to agree with him i have not seen a pirate in years. Not since they changed decreased the lootable areas.
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    Overmine,re-bomb,mining next to other player?

    With all due respect to kingofaces who has tried to gather info and present it. None to ~ Cirrus ~ who just whines and cries like spoilt school girl. An area can be unmined and still give bad hit rates. There is other factors to take into account and I believe this is linked to your avatar. Like...
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    Ninety Days in Unreal Engine 5

    Its looks fantastic what they can do with decent programmer's and hi tech gear. Unfortunate this is EU and not that many are bothered about graphics. They want to make money or have their money last longer. Hopefully MA will give more uses to textiles so we can change the look of shops and...
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    Ideas to improve shops Wallpaper bps that use textures . Lets give shops a bizazz ,
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    Suggestion: Light Liquid Drought

    Lol what respectable source did you get this information from? I know for a fact that's not true!
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    Mining mayhem

    RT has had two mining events over the years called hellathon. You got points for globules extra points for RT specific loot. Prizes was real life music memorabilia.
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    Question: Difference in mining amps.

    Also the type of finder and skills play part in findings. Using a maxed out teramaster 8 even when amped can give you different results compared to a amped 105.