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    No Sun for over 1 hour ?

    Is this a calypso thing? I am on NI now. It's nighttime and the stars are out and I don't have any issues. On RT I don't have any issues. You asking for an option that could be a lot more complicated to implement than you think. Where there could be a better solution.
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    How to get 90%+ TT?

    What you mat What mats are you talking about? When I am talking about respawn. I am not taling about common stuff. For exsample if i mine for terradite or ing, i cant go back 30 mins later. it will be just lyst or zinc.
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    How to get 90%+ TT?

    Rule of thumb it's about 4 hours planetside, half that indoors or even less. Well lets say if no one has put no ped in that area, then it wont pay out. Its like a theory Juicy once said about pvp on RT. If there no one hunting or killing there then no pyrite. Of course this is all just theory...
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    How to get 90%+ TT?

    Indoor mining is a lot different from planetside mining. Depth is less important and respawn is quicker. It's just as risky for low to higher player. Now it does make you wonder do other players paying ped into area help also. So a place where no one mines could this result in a bad hit rate...
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    How to get 90%+ TT?

    I have been mining professionally for over 10 years and still see myself as a noob. I have been recently been mining on NI, came over to help a friend with his crafting. I have really enjoyed it. Exploring a new area and mapping out new areas. It's a lot of different layout to RT with a lot...
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    Entropia Universe 17.4 Release Notes

    From what I heard on NI official in public chat 1st Dec, don't know if that all planets though.
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    Server Downtime for Release

    Would it really hurt for MA to let NI piggyback Halloween mayhem Vu? To fix a bug that has happened on other planets before.
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    Turn in animal oils for consumables

    Yeah, we have this in-game already. Its called the Trade Terminal. You trade your oils for peds and then you cany buy those items you want.
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    Question: Filler Ores and Enmatter (lyst/oil)

    Yeah, all planets are different its quite easy to not mine lyst or oil on RT once you mapped place out. NI is different again. Lyst is high there, but then they have another problem with their own resources.
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    Suggestion: Creating more demand for sweat, while making it of use to players - Octane fuel

    Yeah, I have heard this idea over and over again. Now I have been playing for about 10 - 12 years nows. Sweat back when I started was about 2 ped per k or if you were lucky there was a buyer in the early days on RT who helped buying at 5 ped per k. Then we had players coming over from Caly to...
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    How to run Successful Shops in EU - 2019

    Yeah, i don't mind if someone does this to me. Even my main counterpart pops in buys stuff from me. I don't always keep track of every item in shop and mu. Somethings can skyrocket overnight or drop like a lead balloon. Sometimes its a good thing so you can check on mu when stocking up.
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    Consolidated release notes for VU 17.3, 2020/09/01

    yeah, more bugs. He will probably not post anything, its normally been in the past if anything the players have to discover new stuff for them selfs or when stuff drops 3 weeks later.
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    Question: What would Mobs taste like?

    I bet Fouls taste foul. :LOL:
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    Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia

    I remember you saying a few years back how CLDs was a bad idea, having players just log in to collect payouts. Just because a player owns a deed don't mean they go out of their way to hunt/mine on those lands. With so many deeds out there it would be hard to choose where to spend your peds, to...