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    The PED-USD connection - will it last?

    Well MA have their debts to players in PED/USD so I guess they should be winners if the dollar got cheaper :silly2::silly2: But they would loosers in the long run if players don't compesate the cheaper dollar with spending more of it.
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    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    I'm a bit confused, don't you enter from space just above to city and can land where you want after that? Or have they change something since I last was landing on the planet?
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    Mindark Annual Report 2019

    I notice that too. Looks like the shares he previous owned are now owned by this Tetiana.
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    Mindark Annual Report 2019

    The core business is doing okey with an operating profit around 4,5 MSEK, it's their side businesses that they are loosing money on. A lot of cost for write-downs on the values of Compet and receivables conected to their subsidary "Green Fund Finance", never heard about that before, not sure...
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    Determinants of supply and demand, economic activity in current state of market and how to improve them.

    I have said it before, the big problem is that to creat a bigger demand we need more decay on everything. Cloth, vehicles and simliar items should decay more. Items should also have "time decay", decaying not only based on how much you use an item but also on the age of the item. Now you can buy...
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    Annual report 2018

    The Mindark Annual report for 2018 is out I see, in Swedish: Looks like they have increased the revenue (deposits) and the profit. Cash have increased from 7,8M SEK to 13,6M SEK. The core business is...
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    Mindark Annual report 2018

    No real profit I would say.
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    Fix space logout exploit

    I have said it before, it's the lack of decay that is the big problem. Items need to have a shorter life time to increase the demand on crafting and the demand in general.
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    My Thoughts on MA's Statement
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    Mindark Annual report 2018

    Ugly? Every girl and woman in Sweden can get the same education and choice what they want to work with. But they don't want to work with game design. It will change in the future because of mobile gaming is big today and more girls playes games on mobiles compared to girls that played on...
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    Mindark Annual report 2018

    6/44 for is a "normal" ratio for the gaming industry, it's not a huge secret that gaming and computers have been mainly a men business, even if it have change a lot the last ten years or so. But change take time.
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    Mindark Annual report 2018

    As I mentioned earlier 1/3 of all unconsumed tt/peds are now in the balance sheet as an liability, it's the item called "Avsättningar för oförbrukade användarmedel 29 459 145", so it's not a fixed assets. But they have the value of EU plattform as a fixed assets now, "Entropia Platform och...
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    Mindark Annual report 2018

    Bigger companies is requared by law to disclose the men/women ratio in the annual report, MA is not that big but maybe did it on a volutary bases.
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    Mindark Annual report 2018

    At last they put the unconsumed peds as a liability in the balance sheet, as they should have done from the start, but only 1/3 of it and at the same time write up the value of the EU platform, because they would not have any equtiy left if the did not :silly2: Arround 12% of the sales comes...
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    Entropia Universe 15.16.0 Release Notes

    I was pretty sure the loot proffesions would only affect the type of loot you got, not the tt value you got. Don't think it's a good thing if it's the value that increase, will have bad effect for new players.