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    Paid N' Evade 2.0: OLA#39 & Deino Island: Earn Evade, PED & AUD's

    Please Add Me Hello, Please add me to the event ( Billy BB Braston )
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    Top oldest societies

    Dragons Shadow Elite 2006-02-09 03:16:10
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    EUSoc offering soc web sites

    B.U.M.P. :cool:
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    EUSoc offering soc web sites

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    EUSoc offering soc web sites

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    EUSoc offering soc web sites

    B.U.M.P yay :wtg:
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    EUSoc offering soc web sites

    We are Players of Entropia Universe, we are also members of the society Dragons Shadow. We have been playing EU for a very long time and as long as we have been playing EU we have had our own web site. Over the years our web site has changed with better improvements and faster speeds. We have...
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    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    !Register Billy BB Braston
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    Ouch boooya

    About XX ped thanx, Boooya and I will put it to good use. oh in TT value that is Remember you can come out ahead in PVP4 if you have a strategy and do it right. Don't let getting PKed once detour you from trying to make a profit. My biggest piece of advice is to get a car.
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    eu getting update without ma posting a notice?

    Selling the island is what they are doing, but it would be nice to know how long it will be down. EDIT: thanx for the info 3 hours okie going to bed nn
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    Buying: Apartment in Calypso

    Check auction man their is a few on their.
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    Hello everyone, So I have been getting questions about why the left part of the persona is not showing in some peoples headers of their browsers, well I did some checking on this and here is what I found. "It will be anchored to the top-right corner of the browser window; however it will not...
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    Skin for Team Speak 3

    Here is a sneak peek of the Planet Calypso skin I did for team speak 3
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