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    Newbies swunting log of calypso

    Oh boy this one seemed like it would take eternity. Looked realy bad in the beggining, but during recycle, globaled for 12 ped. Almost 5k gallards done. This was a 59.41 ped hunt and here are the results: Total loot:77.33 Before ammo recycling: 47.89 Bankroll: Total balance at the...
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    Newbies swunting log of calypso

    Oh boy, look at the time! Well its been a long time since I updated this. The simple explanation is that some real life stuff came 1st un I just didn't have time to play game. I logged in rarely but somehow managed to do 100 haters on rocktropia and a few hundred vixens.(I have no logs of this...
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    "Taking over the world, one sweat bottle at a time" monthly log

    Hmm you didn't mention me, I feel insulted....almost. :D For caraboks with 500 ped on your card, swunting will be a breeze, dunno where the worry comes from.
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    Newbies swunting log of calypso

    10k Caraboks done now yaay! Taking a short vacation trip to caly. Got UL corrosive attack chip for 200 ped. TTed most of the loot that is 101% or completely useless(carabok leg fur, dilluted sweat), since I dont plan to return to ark soon. This was a 36 ped hunt and here are the results...
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    Buying: Tier 0 Corrosive attack nanochip I

    Emphasis on tier 0. I don't need it tiered I need it for personal use. Contact me In game: Blink321
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    Newbies swunting log of calypso

    Eh mindforce hunt is horrible if you pay for markup. The fact I bought 2 castorian sentinel sword for fun isn't helping, they are uneco too.No conversion log cause I was busy and forgot. :/ It wouldnt be bad if I gut L for no markup or UL corrosion chip... This was a 57.64ped hunt and here...
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    What would happen if sweat market got totaly smashed?

    Best answer I have seen. :) I dunno about sweating bots, I don't think they exist nowadays. Only reason we sweaters take pride in our profession is just cause its so hard and time consuming to increase to any reasonably level. Everyone knows we make like nothing nowadays pedwise. But we do...
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    What would happen if sweat market got totaly smashed?

    Like price would go as low as 0.5ped/k. Outside of ruining game for most newbies(at current caly prices I already consider it ruined for them), what other consequences there would be?
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    Newbie Events?

    For real, why has not anyone mentioned arkadia or rocktropia? There are 2 newbie events @ arkadia each week with 3-5ped tickets with 1st place getting 30/50ped respectively, some odd events now and then and 2 monthly pfeu highest loot hunts,always puny mobs who range from 10-15hp. From what I...
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    Newbies swunting log of calypso

    Mindforce hunting wasn't that horrible but uh for a begginner, entry fee is what it is. Was very very busy in RL and going to be even busier, but still making progress. I lost a few of my logs along the way so there wont be ammo recycle mention here. This was a 173.21ped hunt and here are the...
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    Church of Lootius?

    I kinda thought Lootious died. I dont see anyone praying to him anymore.
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    Newbies swunting log of calypso

    Crazy crazy crazy busy with various stuff in RL so don't have much time for Entro, but we are getting there. Also Sundays seem to be sell days, I managed to sell so much stuff I thought I had no hope of selling like diluted sweat and inferior cloth extractors... Basicaly emptied my storage by a...
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    Newbies swunting log of calypso

    Cant say about price hike but hide price for me averages at 115% although I have sold for higher. Ok nvm,that was week and half ago, looks like the price has spiked. Yet theres a guy buying hides for 116% at ark chat?
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    Buying: Unadjusted Maddox IV

    Or someone who can craft one. Contact me ingame: Bruno Blink Schullery
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    Swampy's Swunty Adventure

    Our lord and savior posted! Gz on the increase! :)