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    Uber: Strong Argonaut Claw FEN Edition

    Congrats Slyk :)
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    Achievement: Killstrike

    Congrats Slyk
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    FYI: New PCF Moderator - Darkaruki

    Excellent choice, gratz Darkaruki
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    Pets Best one I know of, maybe others exist
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    Achievement: 100 blp hit! + eomon silver complete!

    Gratz Forgo on the lvl 100. :D A lot of nice milestones and a few more to come soon
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    Took a chance on Mulcibers!

    Gratz. Next time complete the Pandora bot wave beforehand and you will have +90hp for 2 hours
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    Uber: 1561 PED Beladoth Young

    Gratz, love that overlay :)
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    'Silent Stan': Key to Power or Gateway to Chaos?

    CDF not taking this guy too seriously or else they got mod version of that crap CDF Scout armour.
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    Entropia Universe Official Soundtrack available

    I will have to turn music back on in game now. None of these triggered memories for me but "blue morning_105" and "cooling_90" from NoBion's older stuff really did.
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    Uber: 5151 Allophyl Young

    Gratz, nice to see a reward for someone doing the Iron
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    EU Advertising on Yahoo?!

    False. No rings in loot from mobs
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    Core Mayhem and Shared BBs?

    It's actually on the Entropia Universe facebook not Planet Calypso's. And it also says to watch for updates :scratch2:
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    Armor droprate

    Vigi gloves M and F from defenders in the last few weeks
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    Fort Lahar soon to be Attacked

    A couple of things Ludvig since your watching. Legionnaire should be phase 4. Warrior phase 3. And can it be changed that the Droka/trooper/warrior/legionnaire count towards Iron Mission like the event Mulmuns.
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    Calypso Missions Walkthrough

    +rep from me too